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“I lost thirteen kilos in two months”

Laetitia Servières – mother of Maëva, Maëlys, Mandy, Manaëlle, Melya, Milyana, Leny, Léo and Loëvann – made a name for herself by participating in the famous program Large Families: Life in XXL, broadcast on TF1.

Since then, she shares moments of her daily life with her subscribers on social networks. On the Servières family’s Instagram account, the star mom will soon pass the 17,000 subscriber mark.

Large families: life in XXL (TF1): the Servières have welcomed a ninth child

It was also on the application in question that she had announced the birth of her last child: “ It is with great emotion that we present to you our love kitten Loëvann, born on July 2, 2022 at 4:24 a.m. It weighs 3,930 kg. We’re both fine “.

Before continuing: A nice coincidence, we are in the same room as 18 years ago, except for 2 days for your sister Maëva. My baby, you make the dates of birth last in even numbers. We are so happy that you are finally among us, you made us yearn. We all love you very much “.

Since the arrival of this adorable baby, the mother does not hesitate to grab her phone to confide in about her weight. It is an impressive physical transformation that is underway for her!

I lost thirteen kilos in two months »

In just 2 months, Laetitia Servières managed to lose all the pounds she had gained during her ninth pregnancy. On Instagram, Wednesday, September 14, she said: “ I lost thirteen kilos in two months, I’m so happy “.

The candidate of TF1 specifies that she did not however pay particular attention to her line after her delivery. She intends to continue to draw her figure, starting to make efforts.

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I’ll try to get back to paying attention “, concludes the mother of a large family. Its subscribers can be sure to be the first informed if Laetitia Servières comes to lose a few more pounds.

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