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“Is this world serious?”

Pascal Obisporesident and child of Arcachon bay, shared his dismay on social networks. Indeed, if the singer was already deeply upset last July by the fires that affected the Gironde, his pain has just been revived by the disaster which is raging again near Ares. It was around 1:30 p.m., this Sunday, September 18, that thefire declared himself. Many Internet users, like Pascal Obispo, have also shared the important plumes of smoke visible from the beaches.

On July 19, Pascal Obispo shared a photo of him, under a thick layer of smoke. A snapshot taken at Cap Ferret. He then spoke of his sadness “ in front of this ecological disaster “. Also in angerhe puts before “ what we should have done upstream, in order to prevent and reduce this terrible disaster “. He also expresses his admiration for firefightersthese men who fight to save life and the beauty of the environment “.

Pascal Obispo, upset by this new disaster affecting the Gironde

On August 11, the singer notably gave a intimate concert at the Wharf, a restaurant located in Cap-Ferret. A charity evening organized in honor of firefighters who fought the fires in Gironde this summer. He was not the only personality of the evening. In effect, renaud was also present, as revealed by a photo posted on Instagram by Pascal Obispo himself.

Sunday September 18, 2022, on his Instagram account, Pascal Obispo shared his sadness. The Arcachon basin, where he resides, is once again plagued by fires. Six planes were mobilized, as well as about fifteen machines on the ground, to prevent the flames from reaching homes. More 300 people were invited to leave their home. ” I took the essentials, the clothes, all my papers, the company papers, something to change into. »told a man to Franceinfo.

If Pascal Obispo had a good time alongside these friends in recent weeks, he finds himself again affected by these fires which destroy the forests surroundings. Monday, September 19, in the morning, while the fire was judged ” contents “ but ” still not fixed », 120 hectares of forest were affected. ” Is this world serious? », asked Pascal Obispo on Instagram, in the caption of a photo of the coast in the grip of flames. In the comments, its subscribers have also expressed their despair in the face of this new disaster.

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An event that revives the traumas of last July

According to the newspaper South Westfirefighters fear that thefire spreads, carried by the sea winds. The concern is very strong among the inhabitants. The speed and power of the fire of La Teste is still very present in people’s minds. ” A psychosis testified an Aresian to our colleagues. For now, three main roads were blocked as well as a cycle path.

The circumstances that surround this fire remain unknown. An ecological disaster for the Gironde which was barely recovering from theSaumos firefinally fixed this Thursday, September 15, but which destroyed thousands of hectares of forests. The fire soldiers still keep the department in alert level 3. A heartbreak for Pascal Obispo who sees the lands he loves go up in smoke.

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