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Mathieu (“Love is in the meadow”) slept with his deceased grandmother: “An excruciating moment”

Mathieu, the candidate of Love is in the meadow, was the guest of the show Chez Jordan on C8 this Monday, September 19. For the host, he returned to his recent breakup with Alexander. He also touched on an episode in his life that made him particularly marked.

Matthew is a character atypical in the M6 ​​broadcast. Before becoming a farmer, he studied finance, worked in the oil industry and ran several restaurants and hair salons. On the set of Chez Jordan, he tackled a very particular episode of his personal life.

Mathieu (Love is in the meadow): “She was the woman of my life”

“My grandmother means a lot to me” does he start by explaining to Jordan before continuing. “Grandma Suzon, as we called her and who has always been there for me. (…) My mother had me when she was in 4th year of pharma and it was my grandmother who helped me a lot in my education. She was the woman of my life.”

He then tells us that he was present when the one who mattered so much to him is died in 2011. ” We both had a close relationship and what is terrible is that we were in her apartment in Grenoble, we were having an aperitif and she died at that time.

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His grandmother died in front of him

Moved, the farmer explains that he has tried to revive his grandmother while waiting for help. But that will not be enough and “Mémé Suzon” will die in front of him. ” A very hard time”he explains for Jordan: “It was an excruciating moment to see the person who means a lot to you, leave in front of you…”

As is sometimes the case, the emergency services will install the body in the room while waiting for the funeral the next day. And there, Mathieu explains that, as a last tribute, he decides to spend the night at the bedside of the one who partly raised him. His way of “accompany him to the end”.

Jordan will then ask him about a more recent moment that also affected him. He has recently broken up with Alexandre, with whom he spent two and a half years. “It was a joint decision. (…) The life I wanted no longer suited him. » Nevertheless, the two men remain in contact : “We call each other every day”.

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