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Mocked for her weight on her first day at work, she reveals the “awful” comments of her colleagues

Unfortunately, it only took a few hours to Abbie to discover the true feelings of his colleagues towards him. The young employee shared her testimony on her account TikTok. Words that caused the anger Web users. ” I started a new job in a new store. I went to get my meal during my lunch break. begins Abbie in her video. A meal that was largely commented by one of Abbie’s colleagues.

The pretty brunette says she had her meal in “ a small staff room. So there weren’t many people around. Unfortunately for her, a coworker joined her in the room where she was having lunch. Abbie says she chose a salad. A choice that has caught the attention of the other woman present in the room.

Grosphobic remarks made by work colleagues

One of my new colleagues came over while I was eating, because there was a small office next door too. She took one look at my salad with croutons. Abbie reported. The young woman also shared that there were sweets self-service on the table, nearby. After finishing her salad, Abbie helped herself to the sugary foods. A gesture that is not not gone unnoticed for his colleague.

When Abbie helped herself, her co-worker said, “Oh, but you were doing so well with your Healthy eating. You have ruined everything with a candy. Of the inappropriate comments who shocked the TikTokeuse. ” At the time, I was not not very honestbut I couldn’t stop looking at her, incredulousand tell him: ‘But I was not trying to have a healthy diet, I just wanted a salad, that’s all’. “, she added.

The colleague did not stop after her first thought. She added: ” Yeah, we all try to be convinced that we love salads when we’re trying to lose weight. » « What is this mess ? asked Abbie in her video. In the comments, netizens were quick to share similar situations. One of them wrote: My colleague checked what I eat in the office fridge and if I take fruit or salad, she comes to me and says ‘Oh, we’re losing weight‘! »

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Many testimonies that report the discrimination suffered

These testimonies are increasingly numerous on social networks, where the word is freed more and more against fatphobia. The TikToker Danielle Vanier also reported the inappropriate remarks that a taxi driver had against him. She recounted: ” Every five minutes the driver checked the tire pressurehuffed, looked very annoyed and sometimes took a look in the rear view mirror. “A behavior that has also given rise to many support posts in favor of the young woman.

Near’one in two women in a situation of obesity is the victim of remarks grossophobes, according to a 2020 survey by Odoxa. 18% of French people are currently undergoing or have undergone discrimination. People in a situation of obesity are 23% to suffer from it and those in massive obesity are 41%. The level of discrimination is therefore twice as high among the latter compared to the population as a whole. Figures that show the importance of continue the fight against the stigmas and discrimination suffered by overweight people.

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