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Polly Pockets Are Worth Gold On Resale And You Probably Have These Toys In Your Home

As inflation rages, many French people are looking for new sources of income. The objective: to preserve their purchasing power as much as possible. To do this, they are increasingly turning to the resale of clothes, objects or even toys that they no longer use.

What many don’t know is that their attic (perhaps) contains real treasures… In this article, we are talking about a toy that all children of the 80s and 90s owned and which is now worth a real fortune. !

The Polly Pockets, figurines that are worth gold

It’s Polly Pockets! Do you remember those miniature dolls made of plastic and sold with small boxes in pop colors? Remember!

These mythical toys were so popular at the time that the license had even ended up being adapted into a cartoon… They punctuated the childhood of cherubic numbers (now grown up) who took them everywhere with them.

Vintage Polly Pockets are popular

Today, certain types of Polly Pockets are worth gold: several hundreds, even thousands of euros for some. 1,800 Australian dollars, for example, is the price at which the travel alarm clock model was estimated. This is a reference particularly sought after by collectors!

On resale sites between individuals, the price of Polly Pockets continues to skyrocket. And these are mainly their vintage version which has gained the most value in recent years!

If you remember ever storing a model of these toys in your attic or deep in a closet, it’s high time you got your hands on it!

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