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she breaks the silence for the first time “It’s never forgotten”

Corinne Masiero agreed to break the silence on theincest which she suffered when she was a child. The 58-year-old actress testifies in a documentary broadcast on September 26 on France 3 and entitled ” Incest, say it and hear it “. guest on France Inter this Monday, September 19, she explains that she wishes lift the taboo surrounding incest. She also indulged on thesexual assault she suffered when she was eight years old.

The interpreter of Captain Marleau explained the reasons for his testimony. She shares at the microphone of Sonia Devillers : “ Because it’s important to speak. Because it’s important to participate in projects and films like Andréa’s [Rawlins]. Because speech is the spark that makes shake things up after. » Like her, six other people agreed to tell their story in front of the journalist’s camera.

Corinne Masiero wants to lift the taboo on incest

Corinne Masiero is very committed in the fight against violence against women. She will notably be featured in Boomerangon Wednesday October 5, as a bonus on France 2, which deals with sexual harassment at work. Near Tele-Leisureshe shared that “ turn in Boomerang is a act of militancy » and ” watching Boomerang is already in itself a militant act. » She added that the filming had been particularly difficult for her. ” It woke things up. There was some tears of painrelief and sharing with the team. “, she explained.

In France, nearly seven million of people say they have been incest victims. ” We are talking about these figures that affect incestuous families. I notice it when I do concerts with Les Vaginites. People ask who has been affected directly or indirectly. We observe a forest of arms rising. That touch everyoneeither directly or indirectly. “, noted Corinne Masiero on France Inter.

The emblematic actress of France 3 then confided that she put “ over 45 years old before you can talk about it. ” When one has been a victim, the brain sometimes obscures the trauma. There is a malaise that translates into phobiasvomiting, fainting, depressions. And we don’t know where it comes from. », she revealed. Before adding: ” I am confused because yesterday I went to see a documentary on incest in which I participated as a witness. It doesn’t never forget when we were victim. Never. »

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Speech is our first weapon »

Corinne Masiero wishes encourage the victims of incest to speak in turn. “This documentary marks a very important step. Sometimes all it takes is a rising voice for others to follow. Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it! The speechit’s our first weapon ! “, she said. However, this testimony is also a very difficult test for the actress. ” This is sore, because I haven’t finished my work on it yet, but it’s part of my journey. It’s the life’s work. “, she added.

It was at the age of 8 that the actress was assaulted. Her attacker, who died a long time ago, had ten more years what. It was one of his cousins. What she bears witness to in the documentary is also the trivialization of this kind of aggression within families. The “jokes about women and children. It’s not not normal. “, she shared. According to her, it is important toeducate on the subject, to broadcast films like that of Andréa Rawlins. This is ” just one more to have to to watch it “, she said.

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