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students fed bread in the canteen for lack of sufficient stocks, parents outraged

For several months now, inflation has been raging and shortages of certain foods have multiplied. In supermarkets, the shelves are emptying much faster than usual and many sectors are suffering from this situation.

That of the school canteen unfortunately does not seem to be spared by this worrying trend. Before the start of the school year, the National Union of Collective Catering (SNRC) was already demanding a further increase in the service billed to parents.

Shortage and inflation: school canteens are not spared

In some cities, canteens are forced to reduce the portions served to students to cope with inflation. If the main course is maintained, children sometimes have to do without the starter, cheese or dessert.

As revealed BFM TV, this is the decision that was taken in Caudebec-Lès-Elbeuf (Seine-Maritime). In this regard, the mayor said: We talked a lot about it with the parents of students, who read and validated this proposal. We realized that ourselves, in our meals at the table at home, we do not make five components. We came back to something more rational “.

Only here, the shortage (which also concerns the workforce in the sector) also causes big failures. In a college in Neuilly-sur-Seine, for example, around thirty students recently finished their meal on empty stomachs (or almost), for lack of sufficient stocks.

Students finish the meal on an empty stomach: We didn’t eat anything »

At the microphone of BFM TVa schoolgirl testified: “ There was only bread or some people only ate their yogurt. At the very beginning there was meat and fish, but those who were at the end were very hungry and we ate nothing “.

Back in class, the students were subsequently supplied with ravioli, but only around 3 p.m. in the afternoon. In total, nearly seven Haut-de-Seine colleges have experienced similar dysfunctions.

To explain itself, the Sodexo group – supplier of the establishments in question – declared: “ We encounter difficulties in certain colleges linked in particular to the late registration of college students by parents. It is therefore sometimes difficult to estimate from day to day the exact number of children who eat breakfast “.

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A justification that is not sufficient in the eyes of parents of students, to say the least annoyed. Following these incidents, some even decided to withdraw their children from the canteen…

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