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the son of this retiree from Orne who had died for 10 years continued to visit her, her remains “found embedded in the mattress”

We should have noticed that the chimney did not smoke in winter “. In Bretoncelles, a small village of 900 souls located in the Orne, amazement has given way to dread. On August 30, the criminal brigade found “ Leftovers by Albertine H, a retiree whom her neighbors had not seen for many years.

These latter “ were embedded in the mattress “, indicates a source close to the file on a daily basis The Pole. And our colleagues to specify: We must speak of remains, since these are fragments of bones and dust that are found on the bed ».

Natural death, suicide, murder: what happened to Albertine?

A very advanced decomposition which suggests that Albertine, born in 1923, would have died nearly ten years ago. This information is all the more shocking because Daniel, her son, continued to visit the retiree to whom he rendered many services since according to the statements of the neighbors, the septuagenarian very often brought him shopping.

While they were worried about not seeing Albertine anymore, Daniel, described as a ” cream “, had also reassured his acquaintances, explaining that his mother “ was in Ehpad “, relates the Parisian.

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“There is a small feeling of guilt in each of us”

It was Daniel Chevée, the mayor of Bretoncelles, who ended up discovering the pot of roses and reporting to the Mortagne-au-Perche research clamp.

There is in each of us a little feeling of guilt “, blows an elected municipal official who would like to organize “ a mass, or a ceremony in homage to Albertine. ” We had no reason to question Daniel’s word. “, she assures.

Hospitalized following this macabre discovery, Daniel would have been heard once by the gendarmes. He would have confessed to the investigators to be aware of the death of his motherbut he has not been able to express himself since “. While his state of health is considered worrying, “technical investigations are underway to confirm the identity of the deceased and to date the death“Said Laetitia Mirande, Public Prosecutor of Alençon.

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