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This new perfume was elected “best perfume” and it costs less than 30 euros

Wearing perfume is one of these essential beauty gestures. Every morning, many of us spray our clothes or our necks with a few sprays ofCologne. Nothing like it to give off a pleasant and delicate smell all day long.

And whether you have a heavy hand or not, very often, we must admit that our bottle always empties too soon. While the perfumes are not given, we are always looking for good plans.

A few days ago we announced that a perfume at a low price had been voted “best supermarket perfume”. Eau Jeune’s DEMON in love eau de toilette had indeed caught the eye and finally won the prize of best perfume “other circuits”.

A perfume signed Rochas

On the occasion of the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2022, several other bottles received a distinction. The jury met and agreed to award a prize to the best bottle, the best variation, or even the best novelty.

Contrary to what one might think, it’s not just overpriced perfumes that get awards. Also proof that the price of a product does not reflect its quality.

The Prix des Professionnels for selective perfumery included different categories, including that of the best female launch. Suffice to say that the jury had to choose from an immense number of novelties.

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A doubly rewarded fragrance

And the winning perfume is none other than a juice very fresh and sweet. Perfume Girl from Rochas was voted “best new fragrance” for women. Just that ! A rather deserved distinction for this juice.

Both sparkling, floral, woody and feminine, this eau de toilette plays with tones of neroli extract mixed with notes of blackcurrant bud, orange blossom, jasmine and vanilla. To be found at the price of €28.95 on the site of my-origins.com, it would therefore be a safe bet.

Girl de Rochas eau de toilette was THE star of the ceremony. This perfume was also elected in another category. It was nominated by the public as “best new perfume” woman. A double reward then.

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