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what do you get a Libra?

It’s official: summer is over, taking with it the sweet season. Virgin. Now we are entering fall. Make way for amber forests, storms of dead leaves, the sound of rain against the panes of our windows, plaids and Netflix series galore…but above all Balance ! In effect, from September 24 to October 23, the sun will pass through this zodiac sign. Charming, endearing, calm, but also indecisive, lazy and superficial…everything about Libra is able to categorically attract or repel people. Tenth sign of the zodiac, Libra (Libra in English) does not like change. You will therefore be more likely to come across this sign at home rather than outside, as his difficulty in socializing can be pronounced. If we tend to be wary of her at first sight, the fact remains that Libra knows how to be fascinating. Endowed with a strong fashion streak, she is very attracted to “beauty” in the broadest sense of the term. Fashion, interior decoration, high tech… nothing in her possession is selected lightly, everything is state-of-the-art. What we prefer to him: his legendary indecision! Don’t plan on letting a Libra organize a “common gift” group on Whatsapp, or choose between blue and red…they will have a hard time deciding (and responding to messages).

It’s the second dual sign of the zodiac (after Gemini and before Pisces), which means Libra is full of paradoxes. Basically, it constantly blows hot and cold. She likes to imagine a fairer world but without necessarily taking action. She knows like no other how to show as much optimism as defeatism in one and the same day. In the morning she is seized with a fit of laughter, in the evening with a fit of tears. Anxiety could clearly be his best friend, as could overwork. Among the stars born under this sign of Air, we find Brigitte BardotDita Von Teese, Gwyneth Paltrow, Monica Bellucci or Eminem.

Libra gift idea: what do we offer to this harmonious, paradoxical and fair sign?

Diplomat, tolerant, faithful… the qualities of Libra could fill a 500-page notebook. But the back also with the list of its defects. Capricious, disorderly, proud… nothing about her has any logic, everything is in contradiction, but that’s what makes her charm and her mystery. Acting with finesse is an art that this astro sign masters to perfection. One fact is however proven, she likes beautiful things, even if she will tell you the opposite to avoid coming across as a haughty person. A box is perhaps the best gift idea. With the cwonderbox astrology offer, be sure to offer your favorite Libra activities designed for their personality: a walk in a romantic place, a night in a star hotel, a cooking class… more than enough to satisfy their difficult tastes. A delicate jewel at Golden Story, a beautiful decorative object like a rattan coffee table. Our favourite: a Nintendo Switch, the fashionable console. Because yes, even if it will often be difficult to admit it, Libra is a repressed geek. A video game console will therefore allow her to spend her best weekends alone under the sheets of her bed, without anyone disturbing her gardening session on Animal Crossing.

Astrology - Libra

Astrology – Libra



Yellow Gold Zodiac Lamie Pendant

Yellow Gold Zodiac Lamie Pendant

Golden Story

49 euros

Rattan and smoked glass coffee table, Ravieri

Rattan and smoked glass coffee table, Ravieri

La Redoute Interiors


Nintendo Switch (OLED model) with docking station and white Joy-Con controllers

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) with docking station and white Joy-Con controllers



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Give a gift: for Libra, bet on sky blue! What gift to give?

Each astrological sign has its own color. Red for Aries, midnight blue for Virgo, white for Cancer…and sky blue for Libra. A soft and light color, which perfectly matches Air, its element. In this vein, we are thinking of investing in a gift from this palette. As we approach the cold seasons more and more quickly, why not let yourself be tempted by a short faux fur jacket, ideal for boosting the fashion quotient (already well pronounced) of Libra? To make him happy, think about the trends of the moment: for example, a pretty sleeveless sweater that Libra will wear with a slightly oversized white shirt (or on the skin) to feed her Instagram feed. On the side of the shoes, it’s the same story. Favor fashionable models, like a nice pair of Gazelle from Adidas Originals. And to accentuate her already determined sense of detail, a small handbag is always a cool idea. One thinks, for example, of the bag Prada mini bag in satin and rhinestones, more than enough to make your heart jump with pleasure with so many sequins.

Short faux fur jacket

Short faux fur jacket



Sky blue sleeveless cardigan

Sky blue sleeveless cardigan



Adidas Gazelle sneakers navy blue

Adidas Gazelle sneakers navy blue

Adidas Originals

75 euros

Mini-Bag satin handbag

Mini-Bag satin handbag



Libra astrological sign gift: force her out of her comfort zone!

Like Gemini and Pisces, Libra often struggles to maintain a stable married life. The reason: her very strong need for independence, but also the big expectations she has of her partner. Broadly speaking, Libra wants to live a romantic love story in a warm little cocoon, but just as much needs to preserve their freedom…which makes the search for the ideal partner slightly difficult. . Generous, passionate, demanding, Libra finds it difficult to walk all over them. To satisfy his thirsty need to impress those around him, offer him a stay worthy of the name. Three nights under the Tunisian sun, a round trip to the very romantic city of Rome in Italy, or why not something to clear your mind at the 3-star BH Mallorca Resort, an establishment nestled in Majorca with a full buffet, water park and beaches animated.




From 209 euros

Italy - Rome

Italy – Rome


From 199 euro

MALLORCA - Magaluf

MALLORCA – Magaluf


From 169 euros

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