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“Where are his eyebrows?”

Like every evening, the Quotidien television magazine broadcast on TMC and presented by Yann Barthès looks back on the various news of the past few hours. This Monday, September 19, the teams of the show did not fail to come back to the new political information.

A few days earlier, on Friday, September 16, Quotidien journalists followed Edward Philiptraveling to Fontainebleau on the occasion of the parliamentary days of his Horizons party.

The former Prime Minister effectively broke away from the party of the presidential majority to launch his own political party. Many political personalities have given him their support, like Elisabeth Borne, current Prime Minister.

A physical peculiarity that has not gone unnoticed

Daily highlighted this event, however, it was not the issues of this political party that caught the attention of viewers. No, the latter were rather intrigued by the appearance of the former Prime Minister.

“Well, sorry to say it but I’m shocked by the loss of Édouard Philippe’s eyebrows…”, “Uh… I dreamed or Édouard Philippe no longer has eyebrows!!?”, “but there’s only me wondering where Édouard Philippe’s eyebrows went? can we read on Twitter.

Internet users reacted to the appearance of Edouard Philippe on television. The man touched by the vitiligoa disease that depigments the skin but also the hair, the beard… and the eyebrows!

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“It is a disease without gravity”

While everyone was wondering about the stains appearing in his beard when he was still part of the government, he confided to Paris Match: “It’s a disease, vitiligo, not serious, neither painful nor contagious”. Something to reassure!

Over the months, the beard of Edouard Philippe becomes more and more white. And now, it’s also her eyebrows that have been transformed. This is not a problem for the politician who speaks about it without taboo.

“I have a beard that has a funny color, that’s how it is. It’s not a subject, I assume it and I don’t need to apologize for it, that’s how it is”, he confided in an interview with Sept à Huit.

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