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a sports bettor has found a foolproof technique to win every time he plays

Who has never dreamed of hitting the jackpot after scratching a winning ticket or betting on the right sporting result?

In Toulouse, a 26-year-old man found an infallible technique to win every time, as revealed by the site news.fr.

A dozen tobacconists scammed: 3,500 euros in damage

Accustomed to winning sports bets, the player managed to scam a dozen tobacconists in Toulouse and Colomiers in the space of just a few weeks.

The bettor managed each time to raise a tidy sum. In total, the damage amounts to nearly 3,500 euros.

The scammer with the infallible technique was arrested

It is thanks to the complaints of the victims that the man was able to be arrested. The fraud group of the General Investigations Unit (UEG) Rive Gauche was able to investigate the scam.

The scam has been dismantled, but the professionals have decided not to reveal the underside of this relentless technique.

On Monday September 19, 2022, the sports bettor finally admitted the facts with which he was charged during his police custody.

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The man will now have to explain himself to justice. Case to follow!

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