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At 20, he buys a company to hire his mother who has been unemployed since her breast cancer

Despite her efforts, Christelle did not manage to find work after her fight against breast cancer. Determined to move on, she then turned to the banks who also refused to lend her money due to her medical records.

A real disappointment for this mother who was however able to count on the unfailing support of her son, Maxenceas our colleagues from France Blue this Wednesday, September 21. No longer able to bear to see his mother in this more than precarious situation, the young man, aged just 20, decided to act.

Laval: he buys a painting company to hire his mother

In 2021, Maxence did not hesitate to buy a painting company to hire the first woman in his life. A decision which, at first, did not really delight the main interested party, very worried about her son.

I was a little reluctant at first, I didn’t want him, at 20, to end up with a credit on his kidneys. Bankruptcy at that age can mark his whole life. So I didn’t sleep very, very well at first.”she acknowledges.

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Maxence does not hesitate to recruit employees “away from employment”

Today however, the Euzenat painting company is doing well and Maxence has even hired three other employees, most of them “out of work”, and an apprentice. A source of pride for the young Laval resident, who has decided to extend this magnificent human adventure.

We made it a fight. Today, we have Hélène, her handicap, which is not one, it’s totally false, it’s her age, we have Ingrid who has problems with her arms, David who is a former cleaner and then Inès, our little apprentice who started in September, who follows Hélène, since she will be retiring in three years and she has many, many, many things to give before leaving “, rejoices the young boss.

Faced with the many CVs he receives every day, Maxence, who ” hope to be able to hire again in a few months “, continues to prospect the surroundings of Laval in order to find new construction sites.

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