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Cristina Cordula, 57, reveals her MAGIC tip to keep your tan all year round

Cristina Cordula is the queen of shopping. Always at the forefront of fashion, she knows how to combine elegance and chic. Of course, her outfits are always impeccable! And to 57 years oldthe Brazilian model is still radiant.

In shopping queens, Cristina Cordula notes the outfits of the candidates. She also gives many valuable tips. And she ends up electing the one who has best respected the imposed theme. Her knowledge is very broad, and she does not hesitate to share what she knows.

Cristina Cordula is a fashion and beauty icon

This image consultant is also always well made up and styled. With its short hair, difficult to vary the hairstyles. But she makes up for it with always successful makeup. Cristina Cordula is bold and refinedand she is a role model for many.

The fashion queen has created her own make-up brand, named Magnifaïk, in a nod to her Brazilian accent. She regularly uses a concealera illuminating primer for the face, as well as a small palette composed of two shadows for the complexion: a iridescent bronzer and one highlighter. In fact, she offers the whole panoply to look good and shine, like her! But she never forgets this little detail that changes everything…

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Cristina Cordula’s makeup is always luminous. She builds her complexion with lightnessand adds points of light on the cheek bone, the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone. She adds a bit of blush on the finger, and a blow of brown pencil flush with the upper eyelashes. But his favorite product is indeed bronzer.

So here is the 57-year-old model’s secret to having always good-looking, whatever the season. She uses the very luminous blush of her Magnifaïk palette, which allows her to have tanned skin. Cristina Cordula uses a medium-sized brush and taps on the hollow of the cheek. That carves his features and accentuates the natural shadow of her oval face.

Cristina Cordula even shared this little tip in an Instagram video. And she wrote in the caption: We want to sparkle, radiate, shine. And don’t forget the sunglasses to finish a look in style. » In any case, you will know how to keep your beautiful summer tan all year round, now, thanks to Cristina Cordula!

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