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Damien and Pauline (Married At First Regard) caught in a shooting during their honeymoon, “It’s freaking out”

Pauline and Damien, candidates from Married at first sight, the emblematic program of M6, are more in love than ever. After the shooting, the newlyweds quickly decided tomove in together. They even bought their dream house. A home that they quickly wanted to ” to fill as they said, not hiding their desire tohave a baby.

The story of these lovers, 77% compatible, has indeed captivated viewers. Surprisingly, they already knew each other without knowing it. ” With Pauline, we had never noticed each other, but we know that we had already crossed paths on many occasions. »Damien had explained to TVMagazine. Pauline and Damien immediately fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, the couple had to deal with several dramas during summer.

Pauline and Damien, emblematic couple of Married at first sight

Several weeks ago, Pauline revealed that she had two miscarriages, one in May and one in July. ” I am going through a very difficult time. A first early miscarriage in May. I say to myself: ‘Well it’s the first time Pauline and at the very beginning, with the rhythm you have every day, it can be understood. But then, 2 months into my pregnancy, when my baby was doing very well on July 13, her little heart stopped beating. This is too much for me the. I have to take a step back, rest, think about myself.“, she had announced.

After a long silence on social networks, the couple decided to speak on August 18th. Touched by the messages of support, Pauline appeared on Instagram on the verge of tears. ” It took me that long to be able to do my small mourning. I know that there are many beautiful things that will happen. If it wasn’t now, it wasn’t the right time. “The young woman now said to herself” fit and ready to try togo forward.

Damien and Pauline then decided to leave for a few days mexico vacation. A stay ” honeymoon to help them rebuild. However, this Sunday, September 18, Damien’s story on his Instagram account has a lot worried internet users. In the middle of a shopping session in the Centro district, in Mexico City, the two lovers were locked in a store on police order. She then recommended that customers move away from the windows.

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As they left, the two lovers learned that the street had turned into crime scene. Two armed men have indeed landed at the Tequila Barrel, a bar in the neighborhood where they were, on 12e street, between Quintana and Primera avenues. These individuals have set to fire several times on an employee before being subdued and then arrested. ” In truth, it’s freaking hot therecommented Damien in an Instagram story.

Before the astonished eyes of Pauline and Damien, the police invaded the neighborhood, a police cordon was set up and a bloody suspect appeared handcuffed. ” It’s hot, frankly, I was scared. We passed there with Damien, like five minutes before.“, shared Pauline. A shopping spree that turned into nightmare and that the two lovebirds are not about to forget.

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