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Drink 4 liters of water PER DAY, TikTok’s “beautiful skin” challenge that worries doctors

We are ready to do anything – or almost – to obtain the perfect skin. Although it does not really exist, we can however try to get as close as possible to it. For this, it is enough to take good care of your skin; in particular by respecting the 3 main steps not to be skipped under any circumstances. That is remove make-up, cleanse and hydrate. If you think every morning and every evening to carry out this complete routine, you will already limit the appearance of small imperfections, dull complexion but also skin aging.

However, having beautiful skin is not just about an exemplary facial care routine. Other factors come into play, such as stress, tobacco, alcohol, pollution or the weather (wind, UV rays diffused by the sun, etc.). Our diet can also be linked to the appearance of our skin. To have beautiful skin, pay attention to what you eat, but also to what you drink. As said a little above, it is important to moisturize your skin with cosmetics. But do you know that the water we drink throughout the day is also important?

Lose weight and have beautiful skin with water?

Yes, for plump, even and luminous skin, it is essential to moisturize it from the inside as well. Generally, it is advisable to drink approximately 1 liter and a half of water per day. And we must admit that it is not always easy to ingest such a quantity daily. And while some have struggled to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, a trend is emerging right now on TikTok. This new beauty challenge bears the name of 30 Day Water Gallon Challenge.

The principle ? Drink a gallon of water (equivalent to 3.7 liters) per day for 30 days. According to Internet users, this would aim to lose weight, but also to find a prettier skin. Drinking such an amount ultimately amounts to ingesting more than double the recommended daily dose. So good or bad idea? To find out, it is better to turn to real experts.

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A TikTok challenge that can be dangerous

Stylist magazine took an interest in this popular new beauty challenge on the TikTok social network and interviewed Dr Young. A doctor who does not recommend the 30 Day Water Gallon Challenge at all. “The amount of water you need depends on several factors; such as your environment, your activity level, your age or even your possible health problems”, Dr. Young told Stylist magazine.

“When it is hot, it is indeed necessary to drink more, but always in reasonable quantities”, continued the doctor. “Although there is no universal limit to the amount of water you should drink each day, it is important to find the right balance because drinking too much water, especially in a short time, can be dangerous. ”, assured Dr. Young. In short, you will have understood that the challenge is not necessarily what is best for our health. Avoid therefore.

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