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her heartbreaking tribute to her late husband, “you would have been 58”

On November 29, 2019, the family of Claude Sempere announced the death of the journalist and great reporter at the age of 55. His wife Dominique Lagrou-Sempere, long alongside Jean-Pierre Pernaut in the 13-hour newscast of TF1, had several times confided in the death of her husband. She notably evoked her illness and the life after in her work entitled, After the stormpublished in November 2021. This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, she gave him a beautiful tribute.

Guest in the morning of France Inter in November 2021, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère returned to the very complicated moments she experienced facing the cancer of her husband. ” You know, when you go through that storm, either we sink, I sank, or we go back up. », she confided. Léa Salamé had also revealed the content of a letter written by Claude Sempère about his illness. Words that had a lot moved the listeners.

A beautiful tribute to her husband Claude Sempère

The letter had been written two years before his death. I’m afraid, terribly scaredI feel my strength diminishingI don’t know if I could go to the market later and prepare the meal. The house is sleeping and I’m scared. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to leave. Why should it stop what did I do to deserve this?wrote thus Claude Sempere. These remarks were finally chosen by Dominique Lagrou-Sampère to close his book.

The journalist also confided in her relationship with her children in this period marked by drama. ” I recounted the treatments, the suffering. I cried, Claude cried. We have said everything. Initially, we want to protect them, of course. That’s how a mother or a father reacts. Then I decided to share everything with them. I knew Claude was going to leave, it was a love letter for them.“, she confided to the microphone of France Inter.

On her Twitter account, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère shared a photo of her husband. We discover him a little younger, dressed in a black jacket and a white shirt, a small glass in his hand. In legend, the journalist sends him a nice message : “ You would be 58 today. You still have that same look“, she wrote, adding a heart emoji. A touching thought that has a lot moved subscribersof the journalist. In the comments on the social network, Internet users do not fail to share their support and thoughts.

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Dominique Lagrou-Sempère shared his testimony in a book

At the end of last year, the mother of the family announced that she had succeeded in find love. She shared with our colleagues of Gala she calls him ” my lover “ and that he doesn’t work in the media. A story that was also accepted by his two children, Mathilda and Esteban, eager to see their fulfilling mom . Dominique Lagrou-Sempère notably shared their reaction in his work.

I feel carried by the life force of my children. They are the ones who encouraged me to rebuild my life and they welcomed my loververy naturally. He does not replace their dad. Even though I feel like I’ve come out of a cave, there are no ruins in my life and I don’t like the word mourning. », she confided to our colleagues from Gala. The mother also started new professional goals . Indeed, she decided to leave TF1 in 2021 to start writing. “She started to write a novelinspired by this crossing in dark waters »reported Release.

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