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here is how much the exceptional back-to-school bonus you will receive

For several months, inflation has been raging and spared almost no sector. In these difficult times, the purchasing power of the French is put to the test. To help them overcome the difficulties of daily life – accentuated by soaring prices – the government is deploying a set of measures.

In this article, we are talking about aid for the 4.4 million French people who benefit from the activity bonus. This is the exceptional back-to-school bonus. The latter has already been paid to 6.8 million social benefit recipients in mid-September 2022.

Beneficiary of the activity bonus: this exceptional aid arrives in your account

As explained Service-Public.fr : “ The purpose of the activity bonus is to encourage workers (salaried or self-employed) with modest resources to exercise or resume a professional activity and to support their purchasing power. You must be over 18 to qualify for this social assistance “.

The good news is that the beneficiaries of the activity bonus will also receive this aid intended for the most modest households. As the site reveals news.frthe payment date for them is scheduled for mid-November 2022.

Activity bonus: how much is the exceptional back-to-school bonus paid?

The other difference to note is that – like the payment date – the amount of aid will not be the same. Indeed, if it were fixed on the basis of 100 euros for profiles that affect the RSA, the APL, the AAH… Beneficiaries receiving the activity bonus will receive 24 euros, plus 14 euros per dependent child.

The payment of this aid concerns all people who ONLY receive the activity bonus. Those who accumulate various social aids + the activity bonus will not benefit a second time from the exceptional back-to-school bonus.
As a reminder, the payment of the exceptional back-to-school bonus is intended for recipients of minimum social benefits (issued by the CAF or the MSA); recipients of housing assistance; as well as scholarship students. Job seekers will receive this amount on September 27, 2022.

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If you are eligible, this aid will be paid to you automatically. Indeed, there is no procedure required to unlock it. People who have already received the back-to-school allowance (paid in August) may very well receive the exceptional back-to-school bonus. These are two very distinct aids.

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