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his mother reacts to the rumor and lets out a rant

New twist in theDaval case. Sentenced in 2020 to a sentence of 25 years imprisonment for the murder of his wife Alexia, Jonathann Daval is once again being talked about. The inmate reportedly found love with a incarcerated man in the same prison, according to BFMTV. Indeed, in the Monday, September 19, 2022 issue of the magazine Star TV, news reporter Dominique Rizet has made revelations as unexpected as shattering about the murderer.

The BFMTV journalist provided some details on theman’s identity incarcerated. ” He met there a little boy older than him and with whom he lives a story. “, shared Dominique Rizet. According to statements by the police-justice journalist, this announcement could bring new lighting to this dark affair. Indeed, experts have long sought to understand whether there was a form of discomfort in the couple formed by the condemned man and Alexia Fouillot.

A relationship that sheds new light on the Daval affair

During the trial, the personality of Jonathann Daval had been screened experts. To try to understand what could have prompted him to take action, the investigators had carefully dissected the relationship of the couple and had ended up discovering that they were unable to have children. Jonathann Daval even had consulted doctors on this subject. During his trial in 2020, he even admitted to being subjected to forced sex by Alexia.

The Alexia’s parents reacted to this assertion by the journalist. The latter were very close to their son-in-law before he confesses his murder. ” Alexia’s parents are extremely surprised and shocked by these revelations. », said Dominique Rizet. He then shared an SMS sent to him by Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother: ” I do not know why he got married. When we get married, it’s to create his own family. It’s like it was yesterday and we’re still learning. »

Jonathan Daval also reacted to this announcement by the BFMTV journalist. It’s through his mother’s voice, Martine Henry, that he gave his answer on this relationship. The murderer assured that everything was wrong. She claims to have asked him the question on Sunday in the visiting room. ” Jonathann assures me that it is false, he does not see where it can come from.“, she explained to The Republican East.

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A rumor that angered the mother of Jonathann Daval

Martine Henry then called for respect for ” the private life of his son. Jonathann Daval’s mother assures that her son has ” fear for his life, fear of being attacked for something that does not exist“. She calls for leave alone “the young man who was” judge“. Saturday, on the antenna of BFMTV, Me Randall Schwerdorffer had also commented on this information, believing that his client wanted to have “ a right to be forgotten“.

Martine Henry shared his anger at the claim which gained momentum. ” Whether he is with a boy or a woman, he must maintain his privacy. […] Especially since all of this is web of lies. […] A serious personal injury.“, she launched, furious. Jonathann Daval’s lawyer also recalled that none of the many investigations carried out on his client demonstrated his homosexuality. ” We are not going to repeat the trial. Her sexuality today concerns only him. », he shared. “You have to know how to turn the page on a deal and I think it’s the right time.“, concluded Randall Schwerdorffer.

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