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sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign, which is more important?

Astrology is a wonderful discipline that follows the movement of the planets and their effects on our lives. Understanding this language is difficult and requires a lot of abstraction from our mind. This sacred language includes, among other things, symbols, planets, asteroids and imaginary points.

Sun, Moon and Ascendant: the three most salient points of your cosmic energy

These three elements of an astral drawing are very important, as they comprise very different aspects of personality. Each has its precise function, and even though they are related to each other, their usefulness for your consciousness is well marked individually.

The sun

The Sun represents light and energy. This fiery star is the center of the galaxy and the host that sustains life in our solar system. It is no coincidence that it is so important for astrology.

The sign that the Sun is in in your birth chart symbolizes where your awareness, creativity, and individuality lie. It is said to be your “star sign” because it is the one that directs your conscious will. It centralizes energy and allows you to shine.

The moon

This nocturnal luminary is closest to the earth, and its influence will be felt on our body and our planet in obvious ways. The sign where the Moon is located changes very often, because the speed at which it moves is very fast.

According to Astrology, the Moon represents our emotional world, and our most primal reactions. When we feel vulnerable, we turn to this energy, which is related to our relationship with our mother. This refuge of the soul, we also use it in our emotional relationships.


This “fictional” point is the apex (also called the cusp) of our first astrological house. This will mark where the planets will be placed in our birth chart.

The sign the ascendant is in will be very important, as it will determine how we interact with people. This sign attracts situations and people attached to this energy so that we can experience it and understand it, because it is a very powerful energy of learning!

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The reality is that these three factors are very important in a horoscope reading. Each symbolizes something that the other cannot replace. Each of them is part of your Cosmic DNA. Perhaps one is more visible or more developed than the other, but all are fundamental. In English, they are called “the big three” alluding to their importance. Therefore, all three must be considered and studied!

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