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the 3 colors that will be the most TREND for fall 2022

the nail polish is back ! It is much easier to wear it and especially to keep it in autumn than in summer. So to celebrate this beautiful time of the year to the tips of your nails, we’re talking to you about the 3 nail polish colors that are the trends of the season. What we love about the changes of season is the renewal in the fields of beauty and fashion.

Every detail counts to be the most stylish in every season. Your fall-winter 2022 nail polish will be dark blue, burgundy or nude ! The 3 colors have been popular on the fashion shows of designers around the world. They are then also necessarily found in the manicure kit.

Dark blue and burgundy nail polishes, pure and deep

When we first think of blue, we imagine the natural element that is water. Timeless, blue and especially its dark shade is associated with calm, reliability and stability. The depth of the ocean, a pure element, is transmitted via your nail polish. the dark blue goes well with many other colours, as much with other shades of blue as with brighter colours.

Dark blue can however sometimes be difficult to wear due to its dark hue! Many people don’t like too dark nail polishes that look black from afar. Burgundy is an elegant color and can be easier to wear. Timeless, this color has always brought class touch to an outfit.

At a party, with a nice little black dress or with jeans and a white T-shirt, nail polish burgundy goes everywhere. It reinforces the character of a basic outfit, gives a femme fatale side, and is appreciated by all. It is an elegant and risk-free nail polish. We see many women wearing it at work in particular.

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The return of “nude” nail polish

If you are more of a fan of very natural shades, you will be delighted to learn that the nude color is making a comeback for fall 2022. nail polish of this natural beige will then be released in the shops and under the brands that you appreciate the most. The natural style and the light makeup will be trendy for this new season placed under the theme of sobriety in terms of beauty.

The “nude” nail polish is discreet. It therefore goes with absolutely everything, like a second skin. You can find it in different variations such as very light peach, powder pink or even almost transparent. The goal is to enhance your nails without overdoing it. Finally, if you like vintage, the French manicure is also making a comeback for this fall season.

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