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the astronomical sums he spends each month

Since the end of 2020, Guillaume Genton became a leading columnist of Do not touch My TV. Prior to this new position, however, he was no stranger to the world ofaudio-visual. It was in the shadows that he evolved and even behind the scenes of the show, in close collaboration with Cyril Hanouna. The host of C8 gave him a chance five years ago by entrusting him with the program production and documentaries on the channel.

Audiovisual has always fascinated Guillaume Genton, which is why he decided to make it his job. And this passion led to a great success. Indeed, at only 31 years old, the young man is a successful entrepreneur, at the helm of several companies. It was in 2015 that he launched with Genton Productions which currently has about thirty employees.

Guillaume Genton: a career in the audiovisual industry marked by success

Guillaume Genton confided in Technikart on his early career. ” I start by selling small subjects at NRJ 12, C8. Afterwards, I started making documentaries and streaming programs for France Télévisions, Canal +. »he began. Before adding: “Then, in 2019, I set up Kennedy Agencyspecializing in 3D design for broadcasts, graphic design, augmented reality. » A new string that he adds to his bow.

The columnist of Touche not at my post did not stop there. He continued his professional ascent by opening other structures. ” Here we work with Amazon, Netflix, Endemol, TF1. I also have a communication box for businesses, Blondinet, and a music publishing studio, La Gamme, specializing in music for television.“, he shared. For Guillaume Genton, “the idea is to fully control the production chain. »

Thanks to this successful career, Guillaume Genton is able to afford a luxurious lifestyle. On a daily basis, the producer appears with creations from the biggest fashion houses. If he does not have the license, his driver drives him in a Porsche Cayenne, notified our colleagues of Technikart. He also has a beautiful apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower and a house not far from Paris.

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A luxurious lifestyle that Guillaume Genton does not hide

Guillaume Genton does not hide oflove money. He shared with our colleagues: “It is above all a success sign in what we do professionally. I like the comfort, but I don’t like the show vulgarly on social networks. What I love above all is to share it around me. »he added.

The columnist had made some confidences about his lifestyle, on the set of TPMP. He explained that he can spend up to ” €25,000 per month “. ” I’m lucky enough to earn a good living, but I’m not thrifty at all, I’m extremely spendthrift. », he let know. ” I spend on trips, restaurants, I’m a bon vivant, but having millions in my account or in real estate, that doesn’t interest me. »he added.

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