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the budget of this couple in their thirties makes Internet users hallucinate, “he has 500,000 euros”

Stéphane Plaza’s show Search apartment or house broadcast this Friday, September 16 was a bit special. The famous real estate agent indeed received Karine Le Marchand, presenter of Love is in the meadow to help a farming couple in their research.

If the visits were not easy, they took place in a good mood for Hervé and Stéphanie. But it is in fact another couple, Lena and Pierre-Louis, who will provoke an avalanche of reactions on social networks. The fault of one negotiation attempt that Internet users did not really appreciate.

A budget of 500,000 euros

The 30-year-old couple wants to leave Paris where they had moved into a 68 m2 apartment for a healthier and more natural environment. They have chosen to move closer to the Vosges, the region from which Pierre-Louis originates, and will concentrate their research around Strasbourg.

We learn on the show that the couple has a substantial budget of €500,000, excluding notary fees. They are looking for a spacious house with 3 or 4 bedrooms. Stephane Plaza will show them a house in Schiltigheim, on the outskirts of Strasbourg, which meets their criteria.

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Critics fall on the couple

It’s the heart stroke for the Ile-de-France couple in front of this property which is displayed at €494,000. Lena and Pierre-Louis decide to make an offer but place themselves below the asking price. And that is what is going make internet users jump on Twitter.

“The guy has a budget of 500,000 euros and there he wants to drop 10,000 when they are already below and all that to buy at the price!!!! » exclaims a user who does not understand this willingness to negotiate when the property is estimated at a price lower than their budget.

“30 years, €500,000 budget”is astonished a spectator, surprised financial resources of the couple. ” But how much do these people earn to have such a budget?. ” And after that it will be a pain to pay 100€ of gas for the heating”, ironically another internet user. The tweets are linked and are critical of the couple who will end up signing the purchase offer… After having tried this poker hand at 10,000€ less which will have caused so much reaction…

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