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the “hidden message” behind her lipstick revealed by one of her employees

It was already two weeks ago. Elizabeth II left us leaving behind her throne to King Charles III. Thursday September 8, at the age of 96, the queen died. After 70 years of reign, Britain’s royal family announced the sad news in a statement: “The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen consort will stay at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow.”

Elizabeth II will have made an impression, well beyond the countries for which she was head of state. Always very elegant and distinguished, it has become a real icon of fashion, but also of beauty. If her different colorful sets knew how to talk about her, her beauty enhancements were just as remarkable.

The different beauty anecdotes about the queen

His beauty looks were always perfectly worked. And this is all the more impressive when you know that the queen made up herself. While we might have thought that Her Majesty was helped on a daily basis by a professional make-up artist for her beauty treatment, this was not the case.

You read that right, Queen Elizabeth II insisted on make up alone. Always perfectly dressed, we can highlight her gift for make-up. A bit of foundation, blush… without forgetting the lipstick ! The sovereign was a very flirtatious woman who always showed herself in her best light. She didn’t hesitate to do quick make-up touch-ups, even in public!

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A signal addressed to his ladies-in-waiting

On several occasions, the queen has been photographed reapplying a little lipstick to her mouth. And if we imagine that it was generally a real make-up touch-up; sometimes it had a very special meaning. One of his employees, invited to participate in a special program in tribute to the queen on the BBC, made incredible revelations, as reported by Marie Claire.

Indeed, according to her former footman, the queen used to use her lipstick to indicate to those around her that she wanted to leave. To get the ‘secret message’ across, the Queen placed her handbag by her side, pulled out a lipstick and applied it without using a mirror. “It was a signal to tell her ladies-in-waiting that she was ready to leave”, said his former employee.

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