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The September 2022 New Moon brings very positive effects to your life.

This Sunday, September 25, 2022, an incredible New Moon will take place in the sign of Libra. This movement of the most visible nocturnal star from earth will occur just before midnight and its effects will not leave you indifferent.

Astro: what is the astrological significance of this New Moon in Libra?

It is a very special month in the firmament. For starters, many planets are retrograde. This is reflected in our psyche by the need to pause and reflect. It is a healthy process that generates more effective actions when the planets move forward normally again.

These necessary moments are sometimes a bit overwhelming. Our minds can get a little overwhelmed when planets retrograde and sheltering from the outside world seems like the best option for protection. But the good news is that Sunday’s lunation will be like a breath of fresh air in this foggy weather.

The sign in which this New Moon will occur is the sign of the search for balance, but also for relationships and complementarity. It is a Moon in which our consciousness will seek to relate in a way of giving and receiving.

It will be an ideal time to open up to relationships that allow us a real exchange, where we can find the satisfaction of complementing each other. Even though the period of reflection is still ongoing, this Moon will bring a parenthesis that will allow us to celebrate the beauty of human nature, which is social and communal.

How will the New Moon affect our lives?

Another peculiarity of this lunation is that it will be in conjunction with retrograde Mercury and Venus in Virgo, forming a planetary stellium. This astral conjunction will be in opposition to Jupiter in Aries. This planet is a cosmic expander. Everything is amplified under its effects.

If the two protagonist energies of this New Moon, Libra and Virgo, can cause us to be picky about the faults or virtues of our relationships when it comes to opening up, this should not hinder the exchange. human and authentic that it asks of us.

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How to make the most of this lunation?

The New Moon is a time for planning and an opportunity to create opportunities. It is by acting in the direction of our desires that these possibilities will materialize, if we invoke them in our lives.

This is why it is very important to be clear about what we desire in the area of ​​relationships in order to attract what we aspire to. Thanks to the force of Jupiter added to the formula of this celestial event, the power of attraction will be unprecedented. Don’t miss this opportunity to manifest what you desire for your life and let the planets listen to you.

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