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these star signs will know what happiness is!

The change of season is imminent. We feel it in our bodies, the heat is receding, the days are getting shorter and the planet is spinning non-stop. Autumn brings with it big changes that are best to be aware of.

Autumn equinox 2022: planetary movements to watch

One of the most romantic seasons is coming soon. The Sun gives us a break and outdoor activities are still possible, but with the added bonus of being able to laze in bed more eagerly.

Speaking of romance, the sign of balance and beauty, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, will be in the spotlight starting September 23, 2022.
We are obviously talking about Libra, which begins its season this Friday.

And it is in this constellation that the New Moon will be perfected on Sunday, September 25, 2022. It will be an ideal Moon for creating new alliances and strategic relationships.

What signs will feel the planetary changes in a beneficial way?

Three zodiac signs can already rejoice, because the equinox will bring them great moments! Do you want to know which ones they are?


Your constellation is currently inhabited by Jupiter retrograde, which gives you energy to distribute. The equinox is in your opposite house, the house of partnership and associations. It would not be impossible for something to happen in this area of ​​your life. You will be able to rethink relationships and develop your self-esteem, and it will do you good.


This equinox occurs with your ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde, in conjunction with the Sun. This will give you considerable extra energy which will make your intelligence shine. You will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently and to convey your ideas with great confidence. You can propose projects that you would like to carry out in the future.


There is no mystery here. Your sign will be super boosted by the current change. To begin with, the Sun in your constellation will highlight your qualities and energize you. With the New Moon in your sign, you’ll be able to do what you love most: making new connections. Take advantage of this season to shine like the star you are!

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How to make the most of the change of season?

Each season has its pros and cons. Autumn is a very special time when nature slowly begins to prepare for winter rest. Enjoy the colors of autumn, the mild freshness of the climate and the still warm rays of the sun and as many little joys as you can.We are offering this season.

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