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this candidate “boiling” a lobster and arouses the indignation of the Web, “Isn’t it forbidden? »

This Tuesday, September 20, France 2 broadcast the semi-final of the culinary competition MasterChef. An evening during which Marc-Amaury shone… before attracting the wrath of the spectators. Indeed, if the cook won the first test, his behavior horrified Internet users.

As he faced the four other candidates still in the running, namely Zachary, Clara, Samira and Emmanuelle, Marc-Amaury impressed the jury thanks to his octopus-based preparation which enabled him to secure a place in the final.

MasterChef: a candidate creates controversy in the semi-finals

After which Marc-Amaury joined Samira for a duo event during which the two cooks were able to count on the help of two-starred chef Olivier Bellin.

But while he was preparing a lobster bisque, the candidate grabbed the crustacean, previously tied up, before plunging it into boiling water… to the chagrin of Internet users who were shocked by this gesture.

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“They just plunged a live lobster into boiling water”

“We agree that in MasterChef, they just plunged a live lobster into boiling water, when it has been banned since 2018 in France? », one of them was indignant when another wondered: “Remove me from a doubt: it is not forbidden to immerse a live lobster in boiling water? »

However, if Switzerland has prohibited cooking lobsters by plunging them into a broth without having stunned them beforehand, the practice remains authorized in France, the country where the most lobster is consumed in Europe.

While many studies tend to show that crustaceans are capable of experiencing pain or stress, ” In France (…) cooks wonder less about these culinary practices », Reports Release.

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