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violently attacked at home after this report, a gay activist accuses M6, “They jumped on me”

The teams ofExclusive inquiry face serious charges. Last March, while they were filming a report called Sex and love in West Africa, dealing in particular with homophobia, the journalists did not respect the rules imposed by the people interviewed, reports Mediapart.

One of them, a Senegalese in his sixties, accuses the production of the magazine presented by Bernard de la Villardière of having put him in danger, even though it had promised to preserve its anonymity.

Controversy after the attack on a gay activist interviewed in Exclusive survey

“Before the shooting, we had agreed to do the entire interview in my apartment. I had to look for the reporters and the presenter just around the corner, but as soon as they got out of the car, they started filming without anyone’s permission », he breathes.

And to specify: “JI didn’t know they were going to box what I said on the street because I thought everything had to happen inside. If I had known that, I would never have answered.

“They messed up my life”

And for good reason, according to him, “Homophobes who lived [s]on neighborhood, who saw the show, shared it with everyone to say that he was a notorious homosexual”. Following which the activist claims to have been the victim of an attack at his home.

As soon as I opened the door, they jumped on me, pushed me around, started looking for my father everywhere, putting everything on the floor. They asked me where he was. testifies her daughter, still traumatized.

“They screwed up my life, if they had respected the commitments and not broadcast my street, I would never have left my country”, explains the man who has since requested asylum in France.

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M6 defends itself: “We consider that we have not failed in our obligations”

Accused, M6 responded to these accusations via his lawyer, specifying in particular that ” Regarding the passage turned into the street where he resides, contrary to your assertion, the journalist asked your client well beforehand whether it was possible to film him in the street, which he accepted by answering Bernard de La Villardière’s questions”.

And to add: “During this interview, he specified that his neighborhood was ‘completely tolerant’ and that his landlady knew of his situation but that she was ‘gay-friendly’. We therefore consider that we have not failed in our obligations”.

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