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86-year-old pensioner forced to pay 100,000 euro water bill for squatters who occupied his building

An endless nightmare. The facts date back to 2016 when Selim (note: names have been changed) decides to sell the building he bought in 1977 after getting heavily into debt. But as they give leave to the last tenant, in May 2018 “, the pensioner and his son realize that squatters have taken possession of the premises, as reported by our colleagues from Parisian.

Despite numerous appeals, Selim, 86, will have to fight for four years to obtain the eviction of the intruders from his building located in Saint-Ouen, in Seine-Saint-Denis. ” All while he had to take care of his wife, an Auschwitz survivor, severely disabled before her death. “, details his son, Daniel.

After the squat of his building, a retiree forced to pay a bill of 100,000 euros

Worse still, in March 2022, Axa Assurances informs the father and son of its refusal to cover any damage caused by the squatters.When a property is squatted, the security measures are not met, so the contract is terminated », justifies the insurer.

It’s like the whole system has ganged up on us “Blows Daniel. But the final blow will be delivered by Véolia which, last May, sent the retiree a formal notice to pay €97,852.It’s not a shock, it’s an earthquake “, he admits, annoyed.

“The bills swell as soon as the first bailiffs are sent”

I noticed that theThe bills swell as soon as the first bailiffs are sent, and go down to a normal level after the evictiondetails Me Xavier Bouillot, Selim’s lawyer. It’s hard not to see retaliatory measures. The squatters presumably had to leave the taps running twenty-four hours a day “.

Indeed, on the invoice, consulted by the daily, “ the quarters, with an average of €290, raced to €3,760 (x 12) in April 2020, before exploding to €20,473 in October 2020 (x 70), to €27,796 in January 2021 ( x 95), and even at nearly €3,000,000 in April 2021 (x 100)! »

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Veolia refuses to erase the owner’s debt

After the squatters were evicted on August 10, Selim found his building ransacked and infested with rats. Today, he is claiming compensation of €200,000 for the damage caused by the State’s inaction. A drop of water compared to the costs that await it. Because if Selim claims to have warned Véolia in June 2018 that his property was illegally occupied, the world giant is prohibited from cutting off access to water of a principal residence.

We wanted the water turned off, to scare away the squatters “laments Daniel. ” When a property is squatted, there is a form of legal vacuum “, regrets for his part the lawyer of Selim. Contacted by our colleagues, Véolia announced “ study the possibility of a commercial gesture “. The supplier, on the other hand, categorically refuses to erase the debt of the octogenarian to whom he plans to offer ” a sprawl “. And to conclude: We will also study the possibility of relief, if it can be proven that there is a leak with flow into the ground. This could represent 40% of the invoice amount “.

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