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Brad Pitt is launching his own beauty brand, and you’re going to be VERY amazed at the prices

Celebrities are no longer confined to just one talent. Now they like to try new things and do more activities. The singers launch themselves into the cinema, the actresses try their hand at make-up… And brad pitt is the perfect example. The 58-year-old American actor is also a producer in the cinema, but not only. In 2008, Brad Pitt acquired with Angelina Jolie the domain of Miraval, a Noble House of France where the famous rosé wine Miraval Provence is produced.

Today, Brad Pitt decides to add a new string to his bow by embarking on a brand new project, one of the most surprising. Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband is coming where we least expected him to. The father of the family announced this week to launch its own skincare line. But no way for him to do like other celebrities. He decided to offer a range of cosmetics non-genderedwhich is therefore aimed at both men and women.

Le Domaine Skincare, non-gendered treatments that combine science and nature

Brad Pitt’s beauty brand is named after “The domain”. Developed hand in hand with the Perrin family – the winegrowers of Château Beaucastel who also work with the actor for the Miraval rosé -, it was born from the encounter between nature and science.

To develop his products, the Oscar-winning actor called on the best. He was notably accompanied by Pierre-Louis Teissedre, professor of oenology working at the University of Bordeaux, to choose the 13 grape varieties which have the best antioxidant properties.

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“A real difference on my skin”

And obviously, the results are there. “I know there are new products almost every day that people try to launch, but if I hadn’t seen a real difference visually on my skin, we wouldn’t have bothered to develop it” , said Brad Pitt in an interview with Vogue UK magazine.

Already available on the brand’s website, the products look very luxurious. And the prices confirm this positioning. The Domaine de Brad Pitt currently offers four products; namely: a serum at 350 euros, a cream at 275 euros, a fluid cream at 265 euros, as well as a cleansing emulsion at 70 euros. Obtaining the entire Brad Pitt skincare line will therefore require a certain budget.

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