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here are the most thrifty signs of the zodiac

Autumn is here and it precedes winter, the coldest season for our human bodies. Admittedly, these seasons have their little pleasures, but what will happen when the heating bill arrives?

Energy prices: did you say increase in our electricity bill?

This is not news, if you follow current affairs, it will not be news to you, for various reasons. The war in Ukraine and caused a rise in the price of gas. On the other hand, a large part of the electricity produced in France comes from nuclear reactors, and for various reasons linked to the crisis, it would not be enough to meet demand.

This global energy challenge brought to us by our time inspires us to bring you a ranking of the signs that will have the most difficulty when it comes to paying the electricity bills!

What factor allows astrology to determine that a person is thrifty?

A planet in the sky has a very special relationship with spending. This is Saturn, the miser of the zodiac par excellence. This generates a fear of excess and considerably limits the ability to waste money for those who have it in a strong position in their chart.

Astro: What are the signs that have trouble spending their money?

There are three of them and we present them to you so that you know how to manage your heating this winter if you live with one of them!


This sign’s obsession with wanting to do everything right is sometimes extreme. When they announce a crisis, whatever it is, they are the first to comply to the letter with the requirements of the authorities concerning the measures to be taken. So if you live with a Virgo, woe betide you if you expend a little more energy than you should!


This sign, ruled by Saturn, clearly has a money theme. With them you can stay at home in a down jacket, scarf and gloves, provided you do not turn on the heating. However, they will always be up to date with paying the bills and they will probably be the ones who take care of everything…


These natives are of such a humanitarian nature that they will constantly think of the poorest people on the planet. They wouldn’t go so far as to go without heating in winter, but their approach to saving money comes from the desire to preserve the planet’s resources!

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The problem of energy resources comes at the same time as an unprecedented global ecological crisis. Emphasis should be placed on energy savings in the years to come. Getting started now will help keep many households from being overwhelmed by bills and provide good practice for the future!

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