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“I was ejected from the scooter”

The former TPMP columnist is lucky. Saturday evening in Paris, she circulates on a scooter with a friend in the streets of Paris when she is hit by a car. Enora Malagré told her misadventure to her 400,000 subscribers in a story on her Instagram account.

It thus appears with a neck braceaftermath of the accident. “Saturday evening, when I left my play, we were on a scooter with a friend. I was behind and we weren’t going fast, but there was an asshole who came down the right and hit us.” she says on Instagram.

Enora bounced off the hood of the car

Enora Malagré explains that the shock was particularly violent. “Me, I was ejected from the scooter. I bounced off the hood of the car, then on the ground. And by some miracle, we have nothing. I have nothing” she continues

The neck brace will be the only real visible consequence of the accident which could have be fatal. She thus states that she has “the cervical a little loose. (…) But I have nothing serious. I measure my luck ».

She thinks she knows what allowed her toavoid a tragedy and advises his fans. “What saved our lives was that my friend was driving carefully, that we had quality helmets, very tight and that obviously we hadn’t been drinking. And I can tell you that that still saves a lot of life. Be careful if you are on two wheels, if you are in a car, you know the rules to follow. »

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It underlines the rapid action of the relief

Enora Malagré also highlights therapid rescue action and would like to thank them. “They were fabulous. They arrived within a nanosecond and told me I had a lucky star, because normally it should have been more serious. »

The one who is now an actress has a lucky star. She had already been the victim of an accident traffic accident in 2013 that forced him to wear a brace for 3 weeks. Her fans can be reassured, the pretty 42-year-old blonde is solid. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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