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in a lace dress perfect for her morphology, she presents her favorite bag

David Beckham’s wife is undoubtedly a fashion icon. Chic and elegant, Victoria Beckham has even become creative. In a video on her Instagram account, she presents her new favorite handbag. And we also see its dream figure in a pretty lace dress that suits her perfectly.

the old Spice Girl has it all. Singer, wife, mom, fashion designer, at 48 years old, we can say that she is a model for many. And Victoria Beckham does not hesitate to share her multiple successes on her Instagram account. Followed by more than 30 million people on the social network, it enjoys a non-negligible influence.

The British businesswoman has decided to present her new favorite bag in a video. It was to him inspired by a watch donated by her husband, David Beckham. Simple but elegantshe finds him practice. Victoria Beckham explains: I don’t just want a bag that looks good. I want a bag that can hold all my stuff. »

A bag inspired by a gift

Victoria Beckham wrote in the caption of her video: My new ‘must-have’ bag of the season! » Then she adds: When I created my new leather bags, I wanted to create something that was both beautiful and practical, but still looked fresh, chic and natural. And the new Chain Pouch fits it all. This is my bag of choice for fall, and it comes in 5 different colors. »

It was in 2008 that Victoria Beckham created her own brand. dVb. Since then, the stylist has gained international fame. She is under the spotlight, and many stars choose to dress with the creations of the singer. Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz or Sarah Jessica Parker chose to trust him.

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Victoria Beckham and her H shape

And this new bag once again marks theoriginality which she demonstrates. Victoria Beckham decided to associate it with a dress in lace perfect for her H-morphology. Metallic gray in colour, this elegant creation by David Beckham’s wife fits her like a glove. With its lace detail, it combines chic and modern.

Victoria Beckham has a figure athleticwith some structured shouldersa small size and well-proportioned hips. Her choice of dress is therefore perfect, since the transparency of the lace refines its size. And paired with her new favorite bag, heads are sure to turn wherever she goes. A new successful bet for the British businesswoman.

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