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“It’s between the gnat and the larva”

At lunchtime, students from the Lycée Monge – in Savigny-sur-Orge – had an experience they won’t soon forget in the establishment’s canteen! Some of them confided in the columns of the Parisian.

It all starts with a bite that a teenager finds particularly strange. His classmate says: When my friend smelled it, he said to himself ‘it’s crispy’. Then he looked closer… The student was then not at the end of his surprises.

Insects on the plate in a high school canteen: “We were all disgusted”

Indeed, in his plate supposed to contain wheat and fish, the half-boarder discovers small insects. They are numerous, dead, black and for some encrusted in the grains of wheat which garnish the dish.

Inevitably, the reaction of the high school students was not long in coming: “ It’s between the gnat and the larva […] We were all disgusted. One of them ate it all because he wasn’t paying attention. Otherwise, no one has finished their plate “, continues the young person.

It was enough for the information to go around the school, before spreading on social networks. Inevitably, it also very quickly reached the ears of the parents… “ My son notified me on Friday. He told me that he had not eaten in the canteen because of insects in his dish “explains a mother.

She continues: “ At first, I didn’t believe him. Then on Monday, he sends me photos and they are indeed the plates from the canteen… Shocked, she decided not to impose the canteen on her child for the moment.

Contaminated wheat bags in question?

We pay for the canteen anyway! Already young people don’t like it, now they don’t want to go at all “, she is indignant. Indeed, the canteen – already deserted by high school students in favor of fast food – has been avoided all the more since this affair.

Unsurprisingly, the Île-de-France region was quick to react and says it has “ set up an alert protocol on food safety, as a precaution, while waiting for detailed evidence “.

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According to the sources of Parisian, the hypothesis envisaged by the establishment is for the time being that of an isolated incident. The insects could come from contaminated bags of wheat, served with the fish to the students of the establishment in question. Case to follow.

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