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Pergola, which model to choose? Our Top 10 of summer 2022

Simple pergolas, less than 250 euros

If you are aiming for an inexpensive pergola, this model is ideal for giving your garden some pep, without putting a damper on your savings! Directly inspired by Provencal farmhouses, this wooden pergola combines charm, authenticity and modularity. This shelter is made up of a fixed structure and a roof that you can dress up to your liking. Canisse, canvas or rate, you match its style to your decorative desires. Made of Scots pine, this pergola is multifunctional: terrace extension, garden shed, open garage… you can do with it what you want.

Double post pergola Foreststyle Ancolie

Double post pergola Foreststyle Ancolie



Extremely simple, this pergola goes to the essentials, including on the budget side! With its fixed roof and anthracite gray stretched canvas, this pergola easily finds its place in the garden or overlooking the terrace. With a generous 4x3m surface, this extension is perfect for protecting yourself from the sun or the rain! For this, the pergola is equipped with openings on the outside allowing the evacuation of water. Result, winter or summer, you don’t have to worry about it!

Pergola SAN JOSE 3x4 M garden arbor gray canvas reception tent

Pergola SAN JOSE 3×4 M garden arbor gray canvas reception tent



With its metal structure with refined details and its ecru fabric, a chic trend, this pergola has everything you need… for a mini price! His secret: play it simple. 4 reinforced steel poles, 1 water-repellent polyester canvas, a self-assembly structure and you’re done. In a few minutes, you have a shading space of 8m2, to install wherever you want. Slightly inclined, it protects you from the sun in all positions. To test !

Pergola 3 x 2.5m - Brestum - Beige canvas - Wall pergola

Pergola 3 x 2.5m – Brestum – Beige canvas – Wall pergola



A natural extension of your interior, the attached pergola is THE solution for gaining square meters, without sacrificing the budget. This is fixed directly to your facade to dress the terrace and provide it with a comfortable shaded area, protected from UV rays. Thanks to its retractable roof, there is no need to negotiate between shade and sun, you are the one who adjusts the inclination. Reconciled with the rest of the family, all you have to do is sip your coffee!





Retractable pergolas, absolute modularity

Magnificent for decorating the surroundings of a swimming pool, this ecru retractable pergola combines the advantages. First, its completely modular roof: open, closed, semi-open… thanks to its adjustable slats, you compose according to the advance of the sun and above all, your desires! An ingenious system, which also protects you from the rain, allowing you to enjoy your terrace all year round. A real alternative to the veranda, it offers just as much protection, freeing you from this feeling of suffocation. Here, it breathes, quite simply!

Pergola adjustable slats CEFALU 3x4 M ecru

Pergola adjustable slats CEFALU 3×4 M ecru



Featuring a retractable roof in taupe canvas and a tone-on-tone metal structure, this pergola skilfully combines sleek design and practicality. With it, in the shade or under the sun, you take full advantage of your terrace, and this on nearly 12m2! Thanks to its self-supporting structure, this pergola is not afraid of the rain… and neither are you! Protected by its elegant gray canvas, all you have to do is meditate on the perfect degree of orientation of the slats. An entire program !

Retractable roof pergola 4 feet 3x4 M gray gazebo

Retractable roof pergola 4 feet 3×4 M gray gazebo

ID Market


Take full advantage of your outdoor spaces with this multifunction pergola. Adjustable at will with its retractable roof and side blinds, you’re covered! And comfort, since everything is effortlessly adjustable. Its black metal structure and dark gray trim will immediately bring a touch of modernity to your garden. Robust, this model offers an excellent price-longevity ratio.

Pergola special edition retractable roof 3x4 M and 4 gray roller blinds

Pergola special edition retractable roof 3×4 M and 4 gray roller blinds

ID Market


Totally modular, this model of pergola has many assets to invite you into your garden. Sleek metal structure, adjustable roof and side panels, this pergola is designed to evolve with the sun. To do this, all you have to do is play with the sliding shades to create your shaded area throughout the day. With its structure fixed to the ground, this pergola is perfectly stable and remains installed all year round, including in heavy weather. Lay back and enjoy!

Sliding pergola 2 sections 3x4 M garden gazebo gray canvas

Sliding pergola 2 sections 3×4 M garden gazebo gray canvas

ID Market


Adjustable pergolas, adapted to the particularities of your home

Your garden furniture can already be seen there! There, comfortably installed under this pergola, with ease. An epoxy metal structure, ultra-resistant over time, a retractable canvas, firmly attached to its sliding rail, 4 well-welded legs, this pergola is solid! Bonus, its simple design, which allows all uses, from the shaded terrace to the shelter for family bicycles.

Retractable pergola high density polyester gray epoxy metal

Retractable pergola high density polyester gray epoxy metal



Top of the top of the outdoor shelter, the bioclimatic pergola is an investment to sublimate your garden and benefit from it all year round. With this model, you are truly protected from the sun in summer and from the wind or rain in winter. The adjustable and adjustable slats replace the usual canvas to provide perfect waterproofing. Chic with its white design, this pergola promises to be the witness of unforgettable moments of conviviality in the open air!

White bioclimatic pergola, 3x3m, aluminum

White bioclimatic pergola, 3x3m, aluminum



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