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She washes her hair with the help of a T-shirt, and the result is SUBLIME

A new super simple trick for wash her hair just got out. Influencer Audrey Victoria claims we can get great hair soft, shiny and healthy by doing this simple gesture. You will be amazed by the results. The video posted on TikTok caused a sensation.

The young woman posted this amazing video where we see her enhance your hair. She doesn’t just wash her brunette hair, she completely transforms it with the help of this cotton tee! Its wet and waist-long lengths very quickly become a gorgeous shiny and healthy mane. She swears by this tip to take care of her.

“You must try this trick to wash your hair”

She titled the video: “You must try this trick to wash your hair” (“You Need to Try This Hair Washing Hack”). The beauty influencer showed off her technique which is giving amazing results to her 2.4 million followers. In her short video, we see her to wash hair, and perform 5 steps. It’s after applying her conditioner that she demonstrates the ingenious trick that makes hair shiny and healthy.

To wash your hair like in the video, you must first apply shampoo on your lengths. It is then about rinse the product thoroughlythenapply conditioner (conditioner) in depth. The secret arrives at this stage, you need a damp and warm cotton t-shirt. With this one, wrap your hairas you would with a towel after showering.


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The t-shirt must remain on the hair for 30 minutes to let the conditioner sit like a treatment. Remove it after the rest time and rinse your lengths again, but this time in cold water ! Then dry your mane and admire the spectacular result of this technique to take care of your hair.

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Audrey Victoria’s video has garnered over 1.4 million likes on TikTok. Hundreds of followers flocked to his page to leave a comment. We can read : “Your videos have helped my hair grow faster and healthier, thank you so much. » Another person shares their experience: I tried that and OMG my hair has become so smooth, I love it. Thanks a lot. »

The influencer often shares her hair tips for wash her hair differently and take care of its lengths. In the past, she’s also posted blow-drying tips to help women with frizzy hair. We can see that she really loves her hair. This one seems indeed in full health in his videos. Its chocolate color is also resplendent. We think we can trust him!

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