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the discount stores very popular with the French are closing suddenly, the list

Not less than twenty Noz stores definitively closed their doors at the beginning of September. The company, created in 1976 in Laval, claims 550 million euros of turnover and three hundred brands in France. In the North Westeight stores ceased their activity, as noted West France. However, this region was one of the most important for the distribution group.

A communicated was broadcast to several media, questioning the supply difficulty some stores. ” The Noz de… store has been facing a drop in turnover for the past few months. Unfortunately, in the current economic context, we are experiencing supply difficulties at central purchasing level. The goods arriving in a pushed flow, we are no longer able to continue to supply properly some stores. Despite the various actions taken, the results are not there for these stores.“, can we read.

Thirty Noz stores are closing their doors in France

The discount chain also sent a message to its customers on its Facebook page. She writes : ” It didn’t escape you,product offering had decreased over the past two years. the economic context caused supply difficulties for our suppliers. As there were fewer purchasing opportunities, we no longer had the possibility of properly supplying our 325 NOZ stores. “. The brand’s decision is clear: ” To do continue our concept destocking and upgraded products, we took the decision to close 24 underperforming outlets. »

Closings take place everywhere in France. In the west with the stores of Lorient, Le Mans or Saint-Brieuc. In the Grand Est region in Forbach and Woippy. In the north of the country with those of Lens or Courrières, one of the oldest in the group with its 22 years of existence. A first salvo closures had already occurred last spring. Five places were then concerned.

Noz is now faced with a competition much rougher than a few years ago. Indeed, two destocking giants are hurting the brand. Dutch Stock and English B&M are increasingly installed in France. The first opened near 700 stores in France in barely 10 years. The second, who bought the brand Baboois already present in 110 municipalities with its concept of very large surfaces.

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Strong competition that puts the destocking brand in harm’s way

While the market only had a handful of brands a few years ago, namely Noz, Centrakor, Foir’Fouille Where Gifithe arrival of these foreign giants diverted theconsumer interest. Indeed, these large spaces offer a much larger offer. You can find decorative products, make-up, textiles, groceries, but also DIY. Some content creators even share their findings on social networks, inviting their community to visit the stores in question.

The historic Noz store in Courrières in Pas-de-Calais, which was one of the group locomotiveslost 24% of its turnover since 2016. This takes place in a context marked by the boom of signs destocking in France with 12 billion euros of turnover in 2021. Store employees, for their part, felt the closure was coming. ” We learned it Thursday at the end of the day, for Saturday. », explained Léa and Alisson at the beginning of September in The voice of the North. “We thought that something was brewing, because we hadn’t had a delivery for a week. We pay the accumulation of bad years. “, they added. It remains to be seen whether this decision will allow the brand to bounce these next few months.

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