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the host has “considered suicide many times”

This Wednesday, September 21, Patrick Sébastien gave a rare interview to our colleagues from Gala during which he made some unexpected revelations. The animator, who is publishing a new book called Live and be rebornreveals in particular to have been operated on for kidney cancer.

In terms of health, it was a beautiful tsunami that fell on me. At the beginning of 2022, I had kidney cancer, which was not invasive, but which had to be operated on quickly. Today everything is fine, I just have a belly because my abs were cut for the operation, so I have to redo my abdominal belt “, he explains.

Patrick Sébastien operated on for cancer: “I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day”

And to clarify: I stayed a week in the hospital, I followed my convalescence at home and went back on stage after two months “. 12 years ago, Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick had already been confronted with skin cancer… which did not seem to surprise him too much.

Anyway, for me, in life, everything is written, there’s no point in fighting against the inevitable. It happened because it had to happen. And it’s a minimum when you know that I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day “, he breathes.

The host has “considered suicide many times”

Health problems that finally convinced him on the question of assisted suicide. And for good reason, the 68-year-old admits having “ considered many times to commit suicide. My granddaughter Marie told me that if I did such a thing, it would be abominable, but that she would respect my decision as long as it was my choice. “, he specifies.

However, Patrick Sébastien, who regularly evokes the fact of taking his own life with a 9 mm, considers that he does not have the “ courage needed to take action. ” You need it to take a gun and shoot,” underlines the former troublemaker of the PAF.

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Patrick Sébastien has “already planned everything for his funeral”

Moreover, the host has taken care to prepare everything for the day he will leave this world, as he explained in the columns of TV Star in June 2020:I have already planned everything for my funeral”.

“I want a coffin with lots of garlands. It will be a joyous ceremony with an orchestra, just to piss off my detractors”, he was ironic before concluding by disclosing the sentence, borrowed from Jacques Brel, which he chose for his epitaph, namely: If you love me, shut your mouth”.

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