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the landscaped garden for all

Too expensive, too complicated, too time-consuming, not enough space, not green-fingered, out of ideas… This is what you can sometimes hear when you just mention making a garden. Draw Me A Garden sweeps away all these prejudices by offering a turnkey solution, innovative, easy and at a lower cost, to create and maintain your own garden. The essence of the start-up? You help to tame and maintain your green space, without spending hours there. ” We want to show people who don’t know how to maintain their garden that having a green thumb is not necessarily essential. They are taught to look at nature, to reclaim it, by choosing the right plants to place in the right place.,” comments Florent de Salaberry, one of the co-founders of Draw Me A Garden.

Your garden ready in a weekend

Are you more of a French or an English garden? Mediterranean garden, nurturing or bohemian? Fruit trees or ornamental plants? It’s up to you to choose according to your desires and the configuration of your land. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of landscapers and botanists, your dream garden takes shape and takes shape in 3D. ” We are going to offer our customers plants that go well together, and also that adapt to their terrain to explode biodiversity. says Florent de Salaberry. Once you have received your garden kit (plants, tools, mulching, etc.) at home, all you have to do is place the plants following the life-size pattern in biodegradable cardboard, placed on the ground.

Support over time

The Draw Me A Garden experience doesn’t stop with the design and delivery of your garden, it continues over time. Over the seasons and years, the team of experts supports you and provides you with their advice, expertise and knowledge to help you easily maintain your garden. The only thing Draw Me A Garden doesn’t do is mow your lawn! Once all the plants and shrubs are in place, all you have to do is contemplate, observe and simply enjoy this little piece of green paradise. Nature will do the rest.

In October, it’s time to plant! Did you know fall and winter are the best times to plant? Until February, the plants will return to a period of rest and put all their energy into the roots. Enjoy!

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