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the most trendy pairs of fall 2022

Platform loafers: the trendiest shoe for fall 2022

Because they alone embody one of the biggest fashion trends of the moment, notched moccasins for women never cease to convert even the most refractory. Let those who doubted their ability to legitimize themselves on the front of the fashion scene be convinced: the moccasins embody the new French chic, but not only. Best of all, these preppy shoes are essential for any sartorial survival this fall. An operational return which is partly explained by the reappropriation of the moccasin by luxury houses.

Chanel and Prada loafers: the luxury shoes that revived the trend

Of Chanel at Prada, there is only one step, since the two houses have managed to appropriate this ancestral shoe by boosting its look. Since then, interest in moccasins does not weaken, it even goes so far as to thwart the predictions and explode the counters. The good news ? Luxury isn’t the only fashion industry getting involved. High-end brands and designers take turns revisiting moccasins until they convince the fast fashion to follow in their footsteps.

Quality moccasins for a small budget

For a report unbeatable quality/price, brands and even behemoths of ready-to-wear are pulling out all the stops to compete with the competition. From ever more sophisticated design, to ever more attractive discounts, Zara loafers, H&M, Nasty Gal, NA-KD, Pull and Bear… But also more premium brands such as Bocage, Mellow Yellow, Jonak, Maje, Claudie Pierlot and Sandro are resisting thanks to moccasins that are all the more qualitative with, inevitably, , a price that follows. The irresistibly ecological and economical alternative? Second-hand fashion.

Second-hand moccasins: where to find pretty models?

It goes without saying that Vinted is a gold mine for finding real nuggets. In this case, just launch a search by typing ” moccasins for women » and specifying the desired size and color, to retain only the best. On this leading online resale site, it is also possible to find models from the fast fashion, high-end brands but also small emerging designers, at lower cost. If our query focuses on second-hand luxury moccasins, Vestiaire Collective is the reference. On the sidelines, other resale platforms are joining the race (like empty dressing rooms) and allow buyers to seal a bargain pact with resellers: Videdressing, Jaiio, REBELLE, Monogram Paris, etc.

Then comes the rental system which, as its name suggests, allows you to use a physical or digital store to rent clothes and accessories over a given period. An ideal alternative, for example, if you want to buy luxury moccasins, but would like to wear them all day to estimate the resistance of your feet to these rigid shoes.

Loafers that hurt your feet?

The solution is above all: anticipation. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. This therefore requires the purchase of a box of dressings so as to stick them on the sensitive areas of the feet, the heels in priority. Similarly, when wearing moccasins it is essential to always have bandages on you to avoid blisters, bleeding, chafing and irritation. Except for the strips, it is recommended to soften the heel of the moccasin by means of pressure with the hands.

How to wear loafers for fall-winter 2022?

This fall, the moccasins are worn in the most chic and relaxed way possible, both at the same time. In other words, they are associated with high socks, white and with frills preferably as proposed by Maje, with Gucci spirit prints, or sportswear spirit as suggested by Nike, Puma, as well as all the other sports equipment manufacturers.

What is the origin of moccasins?

If that slip-on shoe is on all fronts (row) in 2022, its origins date back more than 5,500 years. And for good reason, shoes with similar traits to moccasins have been discovered in North America, and more specifically in Canada. They would have belonged to the Algonquin people who used them to keep warm. As a sign of belonging to the community, the shoes were then decorated with fringes, porcupine quills or beads.

Long forgotten, the moccasins reappeared in the 20th century in the 1920s, a period during which in the United States, a shoemaker from Maine, Georges Bass, knew how to modernize the look of this preppy shoe. From then on, the moccasin resisted by being sewn in leather, going so far as to prove essential for university students.

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In the 1930s, the moccasin Europeanized and was worn more casually. It then became the clothing attribute of golf players, amateurs and experienced, and was worn especially on weekends. It was not until 1940 that this shoe had its moment of glory thanks to the JM Weston brand, which consolidated its new sophisticated image in 1946. Since then, the moccasin has nothing more to prove, nor to envy.

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