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These 3 Zodiac Signs Won’t Be Celebrating During the New Moon in Libra

The September 2022 New Moon is just around the corner. This Sunday, September 25, 2022 in the evening, we will be able to appreciate its effects and its influence. But will it be calm and predictable?

This phase of the Moon comes at a rather special time in the sky. Many planets are retrograde, and the mood tends to be thoughtful and nostalgic. It is a period where we naturally rework the past and where the past itself can bring us things to review.

Astro: what is special about the sign of Libra?

Libra is the sign of relationships. It represents the seventh house in the zodiacal mandala, which is the other as opposite and complementary. The energy of this sign seeks stable relationships where there is a real exchange. Alliances and partnerships are also ruled by this sign.

This period will be marked by an active search for relationships that bring us something concrete. Having Libra ruler Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde will push us to do what is necessary to balance our relationships.

Any type of negotiation or exchange within the couple or the associative relationship will be valid, and even constructive. These two planets in conjunction help to communicate and build new things with elements that we already had before.

New Moon in Libra: Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected in September 2022?

They will have to work harder than the others during this lunation, but all that they will gain during this test will serve them as learning thereafter. Want to know what it’s all about?


It is not difficult for you to relate to everyone. Therefore, at first glance, this New Moon seems simple to approach. But the real meaning of it is to create deep relationships with stability, and on this level you are more complicated friend Gemini. You will have to work to deepen and not run away at the first sign of commitment!


For your sign, dear Virgo, it will not be a time of pleasure this New Moon. Your priority is to reassess the value you place on your surroundings, and that goes for people too. You might underestimate relationships that are very important. You should pay more attention to this.


The New Moon this Sunday will force you out of your comfort zone. You tend to be a private person and what this energy will ask of you is to open up so that you can have a real exchange, without emotional barriers. Give yourself the courage to make this effort and you will see that it will be constructive.

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This lunation can also open a period where you will meet people who will come into your life and bring something new. A great energy of renewal and change is going to reign and the best thing you can do is open up to it and let it flow.

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