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this 20€ device is the most resistant according to the experts

Today, the various hairdressing devices are multiplying on the shelves. Straighteners, waving irons, curling irons, blower brushes… it’s hard not to fall in love as they all offer a very nice result.

However, a single and unique device remains unbeatable and necessary on a daily basis to sport pretty hair. We are obviously talking about hair dryer. And if it is possible to find them everywhere at any price, not all are equal.

Finding the right hair dryer is not necessarily easy, especially when you have hair thick or long. A hair dryer must be powerful enough to dry the hair quickly, but not damage the hair fiber.

How to choose the best hair dryer?

Also, before buying a hair dryer, it is important to turn to a trusted brand. A hair dryer is a device that generally has a lifespan of several years. So don’t let yourself be tempted, without thinking, by low prices or even unknown brands.

To make the right choice, you can also refer to the various opinions and ratings posted on sites such as Amazon, CDiscount, Darty, Fnac or even Boulanger. Finally, last point not to be overlooked: the results of the analyzes revealed by the after-sales services

Data from the Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer, then relayed by Version Femina, reveal which hair dryer brands are the most durable. In other words, a very good indicator!

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Calor, No. 1 ahead of Babyliss and Dyson

To reveal a precise ranking, the Fnac Darty after-sales service barometer conducted three different studies based on 10,403 respondents, 580,138 breakdowns and 921,226 interventions. Just that !

Assessed on 200 dots, with an average score of 114/200, the most recommended hair dryer brands by experts are in order: Calor, Rowenta, Remington, Babyliss and Dyson.

With a durability rating of 152/200, Calor wins hands down. The French brand obtained, in detail, 191/200 for its reliability, then 114/200 for its repairability. The advantage is that Calor offers very attractive prices with hair dryers whose prices start from around twenty euros only!

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