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This financial assistance for families is expanding to more households, you may be eligible

At a time when the purchasing power of the French is particularly under pressure, this is news that will relieve many parents! And for good reason: financial assistance for families will be extended to more households.

On September 20, 2022, Jean-Christophe Combe – Minister of Solidarity – announced the implementation of an “extremely strong social measure”. As relayed BFM TVthe latter concerns financial assistance for childcare.

Single-parent families: financial assistance for extended childcare from 6 to 11 years old »

Until now, the latter was paid to its beneficiaries until the entry into the CP of the child. It will now be extended single-parent families for children aged 6 to 11 “. A real boost for these households whose 30% are in poverty !

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron had promised the establishment of such a device. Earlier this year, he said: After 6 years, a child does not look after himself and families, especially single-parent families, find themselves in a sometimes very complicated situation, in particular to reconcile professional and personal life. “.

To this novelty are not limited the changes. Indeed, while families previously paid the entire childcare benefit, before recovering the tax credit only a year later, they will no longer have to advance the money.

An immediate advance » paid by Urssaf

The Ministry of the Economy declares: After a successful experiment in 2020-2021, the government has chosen to generalize the possibility for parents to benefit from an immediate advance [du crédit impôt] for childcare activities for children over 6 years old “.

Simply put, this change will now allow affected households to pay only half of the actual cost of childcare. Now, Urssaf directly funds the other half. Whether the home help is paid via a service provider or directly by the parents.

As Bercy argues: This advance, optional, but easily accessible from two devices via internet portals, allows individuals who so choose to no longer advance sums that would be reimbursed to them by the tax credit declared only the following year; and, therefore, to only have to pay the amounts truly payable by them “.

Also to be read

The revaluation of the minimum alimony paid to single-parent families is one of the other measures to be included in the social security financing bill (PLFSS), announced at the beginning of September.

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