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This man thinks he has won 600 euros at a scratch card game, he finally wins 1,000,000!

The least we can say is that this player had a very good (double) surprise! As revealed NBC Newsit is in the United States – and more precisely in Virginia – that the incredible story of Jose A. Flores Velasquez took place.

It all starts when the man decides to try his luck by scratching a game ticket. 20 X the Money bought $10 in a supermarket on his way home from work. Surprise ! He discovers with joy to have won the tidy sum of 600 dollars (the equivalent of 610 euros).

Jackpot: he scratches a ticket and wins much more than he thought

Absolutely delighted, he considers himself lucky and tells himself that this money will help him finish the month without having to worry. He then goes to the collection center to collect his prize. What was his surprise when he arrived there…

It is the staff present who will announce the incredible news to him. Jose A. Flores Velasquez didn’t win $600 as he thought, but 1,000,000! This is the largest sum that the game in question delivers.

1 in 1,754,400 chance of winning

The lucky guy is the second player in history to win the ” 20 X the Money “. He only had a one in 1,754,400 chance of hitting the million and he did it without even realizing it once the winning ticket was in his hands.

Two choices were then offered to him: he could either decide to pocket 759,878 dollars (all charges included) in one go; or receive a million dollars paid gradually, over a period of 30 years.

Jose A. Flores Velasquez has finally decided to opt for the most immediate solution and therefore collects 759,878 dollars. For him who initially thought he had won 600 dollars, the difference remains significant!

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It’s still in the columns of NBC News that he explains that he wants to use this money to take care of his family and why not even start his own business!

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