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this new expertise on his phone which undermines the defense of Cédric Jubillar

Since December 16, 2020, the date on which Delphine Jubillar disappeared from her home in Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn, Cédric Jubillar, her husband, has never ceased to proclaim his innocence. Gold, a new “net monitoring” expertise carried out this summer undermines the defense of the plastererreports RTL.

Indeed, the Toulouse research section had established that the night of his disappearance, the nurse’s telephone had constantly limited to a relay located two kilometers from the couple’s home, before cutting off the network at 7:48 a.m. But new elements tend to indicate ” that the laptop, which has never been found, is indeed “ remained positioned in the immediate vicinity of the couple’s home “.

Cédric Jubillar: these new elements that intrigue the investigators

And our colleagues to specify that the investigators qualify as ” strong ” the ” degree of discrimination of the expertise, that is to say that the latter is judged to be as reliable as possible.

Cédric Jubillar having reported the disappearance of his wife at 4:09 a.m. and Delphine’s phone having been unlocked by a “human action” at 6:52 a.m., when the police were already on the spot, who could have carried out this action?

Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: her husband Cédric Jubillar heard again by the judge

While their client is to be questioned by the judge in charge of the case on September 23, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers are already questioning the ” reliability and methodology of this expertise.

The methodology used, net monitoring, is not used in any criminal case, for a good reason, it is absolutely not reliable »assures master Emmanuelle Franck.

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A new expertise to be taken “with great reserve”?

We would know if we could locate a cell phone so precisely, it would have been used by investigators for years. “, insists the defense which has not yet requested a second opinion.

And to conclude: The expert himself says that his conclusions must be taken with great reserve, and so we come back to what we know is that the telephone activates a cell located two kilometers from the home. “. To be continued…

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