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Vanessa Paradis, 49, adopts THE perfect bun for her age

Vanessa Paradis is a singer successful French. Joe the cab, which she sang when she was 14, propelled her into the spotlight. We first saw her when she was 8 years old in L’École des fans, where she sang Emily Jolie. With time and experience, she becomes a singer recognized internationally.

But the girl does not stop there. She also decides to embark on a career inactress. At only 16 years old, Vanessa Paradis plays the role of the lover of one of her teachers in white wedding. She appears in many moviesall more different from each other.

A more than successful career

The pretty blonde responds to Romain Duris in The Heartbreakerthen to Matthew Chedid in A monster in Paris. Vanessa Paradis will even play in American films. We find it in Apprentice Gigolonext to Woody AllenSharon Stone, Sofia Vergara or even Liev Schreiber.

Suffice to say that Vanessa Paradis is gifted in everything what she does! And it’s not over, since she also becomes one of the dummies brand names Chanel in 1991. It is also for this luxury brand that the singer posed a few days ago. And she seems to have adopted a hair bun which suits him very well.

On the picture, we see her in profile, in the shadows. She looks down, proudly showing off her Chanel earring. Vanessa Paradis is wearing a bun pulled back, simple but classy. To 49 yearsthe actress has not lost her charm.

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Vanessa Paradis, an icon in many fields

Vanessa Paradis is also the muse perfume coconutstill from the brand Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld totally fell in love with the model, and collaborated with her several times. His career in fashion therefore enjoyed the same success as his musical and cinematographic careers. And the gorgeous blonde neither is he bored in his private life.

She dated Florent Pagny for a few years, before settling on Lenny Kravitz. But it is with Johnny Depp that she will have the longest relationship. From their union will be born two adorable children: Lily Rose and Jack. Moreover, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis seems to take the same path as her mother… that of success !

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