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your daily horoscope for Thursday, September 22, 2022

The last day of summer 2022 has arrived, and the autumnal equinox brings us its dance of dry leaves.

This last day of the summer season begins with the Moon in a fiery sign, Leo, saying goodbye with energy and warmth. The luminary of the night, makes a very exact opposition today with Saturn, forming a T-square aspect (difficult) with Uranus. This will lead to emotional tension and conflict with the limits imposed on us.

Be wise enough, to control your emotions by learning this scoop. Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 22, 2022: love, health, work…


Someone around you is, in your opinion, preventing you from expressing yourself freely. Watch out dear Aries, because Jupiter in your sign is very excited and could make you jump like powder. Calm down !


On this day, if a conflict arises, do not put yourself in the position of a victim. You have the will to stand up to those who want to crush you. Keep your will and always be polite, you will see how you will silence them and you will come out on top.


Today you might act a bit childish. The Moon in Leo can set you back and feel like you are the navel of the world. Avoid giving this image of yourself, it could harm your work!


Dear Crab, the Moon will solicit unconscious areas of your natal chart. The ideal for you today is to focus on the astrological house where the Sun will soon be, the house of hearth. Get your interior space in order and get it ready for a month of pampering.


Today we will give you only one piece of advice, do not mix work and personal affairs. Violating these limits could cause you big problems in the future. Try not to step on the flowerbeds today.


The Sun rises from your constellation today. Take advantage of the last day when the Sun illuminates your cosmic energy. Starting tomorrow, Mercury retrogrades again in your sign. Honor him.


The Sun ends its passage through your twelfth house, a situation that has brought you some unpleasant memories of the past. Starting tomorrow, the Sun will be in your constellation, ushering in your time of year. Make the most of it!


The Moon in Leo in your astrological house of career will give you an almost invincible drive to achieve your goals for the day. Don’t let problems at home or with your partner distract you.


Today, because of the Moon in Leo, you may have disagreements with colleagues on how to proceed in this area. Try not to get into a power game just to win the argument.


Your unusual behavior with money may have left you feeling a little apprehensive. Try not to make a fuss about it, it’s just the effects of the Moon’s opposition to Saturn. Let it not be a habit and everything will be fine.


Conflicts and quarrels could arise in your life today. The Moon is afflicted by Saturn in your sign, and you can be very rigid in your opinions right now. Try to relax a bit.

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The Moon in your house of health will cause you to focus a little on this aspect of your life today. Take advantage of this period to plan your medical visits and reorganize your lifestyle.

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