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a new levy this Monday, September 26, the French concerned

The fateful date is approaching for many French people. This monday september 26 income tax will be levied. This concerns taxpayers who still have a balance to be paid. How do you know if you are affected? The deduction will take place if the amount that was deducted at source from your income in 2021 did not make it possible to cover the whole of your tax. Or another scenario: if you benefited in January 2022 from a advance of reductions or excessive tax credits.

To check if the direct debit will take place on your Bank accountyou can go to your personal space on the site taxes.gouv.fr. If you are in this situation, you normally received your opinion during the summer. This can be sent in paper format or only to digital format. It is shared on the site, if you selected the option. Thus, a direct debit will be made this Monday, September 26 on the bank account that you have declared to the tax authorities.

Several French people affected by this tax levy

At the end of 2022, some French people will not be sampled just once, but several times! Indeed, if the amount in question is less than or equal to 300 euros, the direct debit will be unique. If it is greater than 300 euros, it is taken in four times. Thus, the samples will take place from September 26 to December 27. Payment is spread over four months. The samples will take place on October 27, November 25 and December 27, 2022.

For payment, the debit is automatic. The amount will be directly deducted from the bank account provided to the administration. If you have changed your bank account between your declaration and today, you should report online on impots.gouv.fr. The finance department also states that ” to avoid having an amount to pay next year, remember to declare any change in your situation“. Again, everything can be done online on the dedicated site or in a public finance center.

This month of September is also marked by the reimbursement of the contribution to public broadcasting. If you have chosen to pay your TV license in monthly installments, you should receive a refund of the sums already paid for the year 2022, report our colleagues from echoes. This measure should benefit French people who are already exempt from housing tax. For the 20% taxpayers remaining to pay this tax, then the amount already paid for the TV license fee in 2022 will be subtracted from the amount of the housing tax to be paid this fall.

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The amount reimbursed is around 110 euros. However, people who do not pay the audiovisual contribution in monthly instalments will simply not have nothing to pay and will not receive, in this sense, a refund. The government decided to abolish the TV license fee on July 23, as a support measure for the purchasing power of the French, in the full context ofinflation. More than 27 million households paid it.

Another tax will be levied this fall: the housing tax. However, this year, only households whose Reference Tax Income exceeds the ceiling provided for according to the composition of the family will pay housing tax on their main residence. In addition, they will benefit from a 65% relief, regardless of the amount of income. In 2023, the residence tax will be completely removed for the main residence.

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