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Blazer over 50: here’s how to wear this trendy jacket for style

Who said that the blazer was only reserved for new generations of fashionistas? Certainly not the writing that sifts through the most beautiful ways to adopt the trend jacket from fall 2022 past 50 years. And even long before.

Blazer for women: the jacket trend for fall-winter 2022-2023

Considered beyond a shadow of a doubt as the most essential women’s clothing of the’fall-winter 2022-2023the blazer has become the new clothing attribute for young women who run parades in full Fashion Week. From New York to London, via Milan and Paris, fashion weeks are an opportunity for fashionistas to stand out by wearing their favorite clothes in a thousand and one ways. This season, it involves wearing blazerwhich has become indispensable to them.

Why is the blazer trending in 2022?

Quite simply because it continually floods the collections of fashion designers and brands of fast fashion. Proof of its durability in next season’s women’s wardrobe, the blazer has appeared on several catwalks spring-summer 2023.

Coloured, matte or silky at Alberta Ferretti, old school and preppy at Ami, swollen with tulle at Bora Aksu, inspired by Bar tailoring at Christian Dior, or in legendary tweed at Chanel… The blazer is, and will remain on all fronts (rows) for a long time.

Fashion after 50: how to wear the blazer?

For an overdose of style this fall-winter 2022-2023, the idea is to appropriate the blazer without any barriers. And contrary to popular belief, having the fifties does not mean having to wear it calmly, quite the contrary. Long or short, oversized or fitted, loose cut or structured shoulders… The blazer is the best morphological ally women could expect. Fashion lesson on how, and with what clothes and accessories to wear the trendiest women’s jacket of the moment.

The preppy-style blazer

Whether we have 50 years old, 40 years old, 30 years old, 20 years old and even more (or less), this dress combo works. The idea? Button a blazer oversized, pair it with a pussy bow shirt and long shorts or a skirt, and add essential ingredients for a successful preppy look: a beret, loafers and ruffled socks.


If tailoring refers to the art and way of knowing how to combine classic clothes together, neo-tailoring consists of combining basics from the elegant wardrobe with streetwear pieces such as jeans.

In total tailor-made look for women

Paired with tailored pants in the same color and fitted, a women’s blazer instantly becomes the centerpiece of a look. It’s all about choosing a perfectly cut women’s suit and wearing the blazer next to your skin for an extra touch of style.

like a dress

Because the blazer is not only worn as a simple jacket, it is possible (even widely recommended) to adjust it like a dress. How to do it ? Wear it layering style. Understand: superimpose different layers of clothing. If you’re 50, pairing an oversized blazer with an open shirt and a form-fitting playsuit or overalls is a really good idea. At the feet ? Sneakers or cowboy boots for a casual effect.

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School girl spirit

No, the “Y2K” so-called “school girl” fashion trend which aims to create a university student look is not reserved only for young women. The trick is simply knowing how to adopt it. For the charm to work after 50 years, it is better to wear an open oversized women’s blazer and associate it with a coordinated pencil skirt. The whole thing is finished off with a white shirt and a tie, as well as moccasins, derbies or trainers and unique socks or tights.

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