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Florent Pagny cured of cancer? Zazie gives news on her state of health, “I very often have her on the phone”

The news shook the Web. For the first time since its launch in France, Florent Pagny will not participate in the next season of The Voice. The singer, who is currently battling lung cancer, will be replaced by the duo Bigflo and Oli. After years of absence, Zazie will also resume service with the famous telecrochet. A news that delights the interpreter of Rodeo who, questioned by our colleagues from Parisian on this subject, took the opportunity to give news of his friend.

I often have him on the phone “Said Zazie who wants to be more reassuring about the state of health of Florent Pagny:” He is fine “. A news that should delight fans of the singer who has been discreet in recent months.

Florent Pagny absent from The Voice: Zazie gives news of his state of health

Zazie, for her part, does not hide her joy at finding her famous red armchair. ” It was not planned at all, it was the production that suggested it to me. First I looked at my schedule and it tired me myself…I’m in the studio, I’ll be shooting in 2023…”she explains.

And to add: “Then I saw myself smiling, thinking of the coaches, the team, the musicians. The Voice is not just a big beast. And those who win aren’t just those who win, like Will Barber who filled bigger venues afterwards. And it’s something to be a coach.

Zazie scrambled with Florent Pagny before The Voice

If she willingly admits doing “sleepless nights during battles”, Zazie indeed considers that he is “very moving to be in the front row of the voices that will perhaps make the music of tomorrow and fascinating to accompany them”.

Especially since this show allowed her to reconnect with old acquaintances, including Florent Pagny, with whom she had been cold for many years, and this, because of another telecrochet…

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Florent Pagny: this low blow from Zazie that he forgave

At the time of the Star Academy, the singer had indeed accused the interpreter of Know how to love his choice to be the sponsor of a promotion. Not understanding her decision, she subsequently refused to participate in the duet album they were preparing.

A decision that surprised Florent Pagny who however forgave him, as he explained in the columns of Gala. “She’s smart, and finally admitted that telecrochet wasn’t bad at all”he concluded.

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